Sutures In Cervix

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mandee25 - June 17

Has anyone had to get a st_tch in their cervix because of an incompetent cervix? Do they freeze it first? What did they give you for pain? I just wanted to know. Thanks...


blessedmom78 - June 18

Hey Mandee! I had the sutures 6 years ago. They gave me a spinal, I didn't feel a thing. They kept me at the hospital until the spinal wore off (maybe 8 hours) and put me on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I'm 5 wks preg now and they will be giving me a suture probably mid August. I have an appt on Friday June 23rd. I lost my first dut to incompetent cervix in 99. I had the st_tch for 2nd preg and my daughter is now 5! What's your story?


mandee25 - June 18

This hasn't happened to me but to an old friend in school. I was just curious about it. Thanks for the info and happy healthy pregnancy blessedmom78.


Lynne - June 19

hi blessedmom78: I just wanted to chime in and say congrats on your pregnancy. I too suffer from an incompetent cervix and went into labor last year at 24 weeks. Hubby and I are ttc and I too will have the cerclage placed as well. Did you have to go on bedrest with your daughter? Anyway, congrats. -Lynne


blessedmom78 - June 20

Hi Lynne, I'm sorry to hear of your trouble last year. I had my little Laryssa Mae at 22 weeks. It was the most heartwrenching time of my life for sure. It was a little scary going into it again, but with my next pregnancy the docs were a little more wary of it, and they gave me U/S every week and as soon as my cervix got down to 2.5 cm, they sent me in for cerclage (at 15 weeks). This time doc said he'd do cerclage automatically at 13 weeks and hopefully get two good st_tches in. I was on complete bedrest with my daughter for 6 full months. I'm really hoping to have a more modified bedrest this time so I won't miss Ashley's first day of school, her birthday, Christmas and so on. But, when you lose a baby, you find that you would do ANYTHING to hold it in next time! It really helps knowing that I had a successful pregnancy with a cerclage when we decided to TTC. I hope you get pregnant soon! Keep me posted!!!!!! God Bless!


Lynne - June 22

I am glad to know that with the help of a preventive cerclage you were able to have another baby. We made it to viability with Luke (25 wks) but he developed an infection while in the NICU and pased a month later. It has absolutely been the most horrible experience of my life. But at the same time it also has given me focus on what is most important to me. And that is having a family with my husband. Success stories such as your (although you too had the loss and then subsequent bedrest) do give me hope for the future. Have you checked out the incompetent cervix support group on msn? It is wonderful for questions and support and quite a few of the ladies are on bedrest. And that site is not at all catty like this one. My AF was a week late and I was hopeful but she came in all her full glory yesterday so I hope to ttc again next month. I will keep you posted. Mandee, sorry to have ignored you but I had a spinal for my epidural. I think you can also discuss a general anesthesia as well but the spinal or epidural is safer for the baby. (At least that is what they say) Congrats to you or your frient on the pregnancy as well.


Lynne - June 22

Sorry I mean a spinal for my cerclage. I had the epidural for my c section.


blessedmom78 - June 22

Hey Lynne, OMG, that is just terrible having to go through that with your precious little Luke! My heart really goes out to you. So sorry AF came, hopefully next month..... I will be thinking of you for sure! Since I've had BFP, I'm just consumed with pregnancy thoughts worries etc. I faithfully read this board and the IC Support board in msn groups. Work has been slow this week and it help pa__s the time, and reading all the successful cerglage stories really eases my mind. Are you a member of the msn group? What is your name? Do you have any fave threads you post to? I just posted a thread on it for preparing for the cerclage and needing suggestions. I hope to keep in touch with you Lynne!!!!! I hope to read your BFP post soon!!!!


Lynne - June 23

Yes, I am a member of the MSN IC group. I am Lynnee314 on there. If you look on the TTC after IC you will see my post regarding waiting for AF to leave, just to wait for ovulation, then the 2ww. I am so happy for your bfp, and the IC board gives so much hope for a healthy pregnancy even with IC. As I said on that post on ttc after ic, my husband had better get ready this month. I am on a mission. He told me that he would prefer that I stop tracking my ovulation, he says its too much pressure on him. Well, I told him that I would which hello we do get the fertile cervical mucus, so of course I will know. He just wont know!! I don't want him to get the stage frights on me!! Are you going to have general anesthesia for your cerclage or a spinal? I know that it is said the spinal is better but you have to wait for it to wear off before you can leave. Which may not be a bad thing I guess. When we are preggo I will ask for 2 cerclages to be placed. (As if I am an MD!) I would like both, the Shirdokar and McDonald. If I have to stand on my head to keep it in, then I will!! Hope to see you on both boards, whats you name on the msn board? -L


squished - June 23

Not to be too nosy, but do any of you have an incompetent cervix due to a uterine abnormality? I have a didelphic uterus and this is one of the risks for me during pregnancy. I have had absolutely no problems yet (I'm 20 weeks) and we have a u/s on Tuesday at which they are going to check my cervical length just to be sure. I was just curious.


Lynne - June 27

My ic diagnosis is unexplained. I have had no past trauma to my cervix. No past abnormal paps, no procedures whatsoever. My mom was not exposed to DES nor was I so unfortunately there was no reason for my ic. I am very glad, however, that they are monitoring your cervical length. Quite frankly I think that cervical length checks should be mandatory for all pregnancies. There are too many losses due to i/c.


Helendhcr - June 27

I had a cerclage done 8 years ago in the 11th week of pregnancy. I was given general anesthesia, though, and my son was born on his due date, perfectly healthy. Good luck to you and your family.


blessedmom78 - June 28

Hi Lynne, I've seen your post on MSN IC group, I'll keep an eye out for your posts, I've only posted like 2 or 3 times there, I'm waiting to get involved until I get closer to cerclage time (fingers crossed mid August!). My name there is Lisa78. Hi Squished, My IC is hard to explain as well, although the Doc is wondering if it's genetic as my mom lost 2 babies past 2nd trimester and had 3 cerclage babies (me, my brother, my sister) and my sister also had IC with emergeny cerclage at 20 weeks, after shortening cervix and funnelling, and her son was born at 32 weeks, NICU for a month, and is healthy 3 yo now. It definately seems to run in my family. I pray my daughter never has to experience it. I'm glad they are checking your cervix length! You can never be too sure. I pray a continued healthy pregnancy for you!



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