Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction SPD

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Gemini_Girl - November 18

Hiya, has anyone else been diagnosed with this? I am 28 weeks and the pain is getting worse as the weeks go by, does the pain get worse? im still working full time, but its a desk job - would early maternity leave help? Does resting help or is it one of these things thats best to keep mobile and what is labour like - will I have to have a c-section? im really scared, its so bad I can barely walk sitting and lying still is ok-ish, but standing, walking and moving in bed is so painful - I have physio on 22nd nov, but im just worried that no one will be able to do anything to help. To make matters worse its not something thats well known, and I feel that no one close to me really understands, I was a bit on the heavy side before becoming pregnant and my MIL has even pointed out that it may be that - is being overweight a factor of SPD? I would be grateful to hear from anyone who knows anything about this or is going through it - thanks!


amleh - November 18

I am also 28 weeks! Due date Feb 10. This will be our third boy and my oldest is not even 3 yet! Anyway, i was diagnosed with this around this time in my last pregnancy. I have it again of course. About a c-section... you are actually less likely to have one because there is less chance of baby getting stuck because of the extra room from the separated joints. Your pushing time will likely be shorter but make sure your midwife or physician is willing to let you possibly deliver in less than usual positions. I delivered my last son on my side because I couldn't stand my legs apart far enough to deliver on my back. I only pushed one time and he shot out so fast, the midwife barely had time to grab him. Being overweight has nothing to do with it. I am usually 5' 6" and 125 pounds. My baby is lying transverse (sideways) right now and I am sure the pain is going to go through the roof once he moves head down. Try to keep your legs close together at all times when changing position. Excessive exercise will make the pain worse, not better. Rest as much as possible and make sure you sleep with a pillow between your legs because it helps relieve some of the pain. Sometimes, my husband has to help me roll over at night and get dressed as it hurts to lift one leg high enough to get my clothes on. Any other question I will be glad to answer if I can. I have researched it a lot because I was looking for any relief I could.


Tory1980 - November 19

I have this again (also know as pelvic artropathy) and its agony. Resting is the only thing that really helps me as the more I move the worse it gets. I had it with my last pregnancy and was given a pelvic support belt which eased some of the pain (holds the joints tighter) but this time I have gotten no relief from it. I eventually started tying my legs together at the knee when in bed - I know that sounds weird but it actually helped a lot - especially with sleep and also with moving. It has nothing to do with weight as it is the pregnancy hormones causing the joints to soften too much. Some women have had to use crutches and some are wheelchair bound for some of the pregnancy but a lot depends on when you are diagnosed as it does get worse as the pregnancy progresses. I am 32w4d today and if I don't rest I am agony. I have to take my son to school in the car and it is literally a two minute walk but if I don't I can't make the journey back again. Walking up the stairs has me in tears and lifting my youngest is pure torture. A lot of people put it down to 'normal pregnancy' pains but I think if they ever experienced it they would soon change their minds! This is my fourth baby, with the first two I never had anything like this. Some Doctors will insist on a c-section but I didn't find it necessary. I delivered baby siting upright. There is some positions that you may be told to avoid but you can ask your physio which ones as they differ depending on where you are. Make sure your Doctor/Midwife/Delivery Team is aware you suffer from this as being flat on your back in stirrups will make things a hundred times worse. You need to be in positions you find comfortable - not what makes things easier for them. I found a few weeks after the birth the pain went but for a while it was there as bad as when I was pregnant.


sarah.lowe - November 22

i am 39 weeks pregnant iv had spd since 12 weeks of pregnency you will have trouble lieng down climbing stairs walking ect i was in hospital 5 days because of this i would advise u to get physio it does help and get a support belt no u dont have to have a c-section you can give birth naturaly and your mil has no right to say that its due to over waight i was 6 .1/2 stone when i became pregnent and i was only 7 when i got this so no being over waight is not y it is throu your ligerments that hold ur pelvis bone and the ligerments keep tightning and looserning thats all u can take paracetamol co-codamol try to avoid as it can make u constipated also warm baths and hot water bottles help to try and do some back rolls on the bed by tencing your bum and belly then relaxing also putting ur legs together and swinging them from side to side or just get ur doctor to t u in to physio this is free and it does help also neva have crutches it helps but i had crutches for 4 months and they p__sed me off so try and avoid them a support is better



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