Symptoms Fading And Only 8 5 Wks Am I OK

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Missy - February 23

I am due 10/2. I have a question for the girls out there - have you noticed some of your "symptoms" going away? I am able to get out of bed easier, I don't feel as tired, still throwing up in the morning when I brush my teeth, no "pulling" feeling in my abdomen, and some loss of appet_te. I had an U/S last week and everything was perfect, I go back in a week and I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there in the same boat as I am where everything turned out OK.


Missy - February 28

Is there anybody out there who has gone through this and been OK??? Please let me know....I am so bleeding and the symptoms are still barely there, 9 weeks and 1 day along.....please help


bullynj - March 1

Hi there :) I'm a little over 10 weeks and I had the same thing happen, its totally normal. You should visit and go onto the October bulletin boards. Good Luck!


amber - March 1

completely normal :)


Jennifer - September 14

hi ladies...I guess I am 6-7 months late, but I am 9.5 weeks and WORRIED! My symptoms have completely changed (almost disappeared)...I'm not starving when I wake up, I can actually sleep past 2am...I go to the doctor tomorrow, but I am very nervous, I've had multiple miscarriages.


Tara - September 14

I am 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant and my nausea that was horrible is completely gone. I still pee a lot and I have very slight b___st tenderness. Im so scared my last pregnancy was a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks and I had no bleeding or cramping. I thought nausea doesent go away until you hit 12 weeks. I seen baby on ultrasound a week ago and had 130 bpm and measured exact for its dates 7 weeks 2 days. Please any info would be appreciated!!!


melissa - September 14

hi tara, the EXACT thing happened to me, i am 17 wks now, try and not worry! i was so worried and i wish i hadnt been! i never even had that much nausea to begin with, imagine how freaked i was when that started to fade! i was constantly feeling my b___sts and freaking out that they were getting less sore!


Tara - September 17

Thanks for replying Melissa! I went to the doctors because all my symptoms had disappeared. Doctor did an ultrasound and I got to hear babies heartbeat. It was such a relief and funny thing is an hour later my nausea came back. Im wondering if Im just super stressed because I lost my last baby at 12 weeks and its approaching here in 3 weeks with this little one. I pray for healthy babies for all of us!!!


Jessica - September 19

Just want to say that symptoms definetly come and go. I remember checking my b___sts for tenderness a hundred times a day and sometimes they were more tender than other so I panicked. I am now 24 weeks and so far so good (knock on wood).



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