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google.com - May 3

whatarethe healthrisksa teenagemother faces


lil - March 10

cervex may be to small


Alicia - April 5

Since a young girl is still growing her body needs all of the nutrition it can get.To support both a young girls body and her unborn baby her body has to work twice as hard.The long term health risk may be her heart functioning properly.The short term may be anemia.


ramonique brown - May 3

teenage mothers faces, hiv, stds, and other infections


kf - September 25

ramonique, you're an idiot. Just because a mother is younger does not put her at a higher risk for stds,her Number of s_xual partners and whether the s_x was protected or not would. I'm offended that you would stereotype all teenage girls as promiscuous.


to kf - September 25

although the foundation of her argument wasnt stated nor did it have much to do with the topic, the reality is what she said is true. that is because some teenagers (in america) are not being taught how to protect themselves so they are at greater risk--promiscuous or not. As far as the question goes Alicia is correct


Daile - September 26

Just because some teenage mothers are not taught protection doesn't mean not all of them are. Besides, the teenagers that don't use protection have the same chance of contracting an STD as a thirty year old woman who doesn't use protection. Age has nothing to do with it!!!


to Daile - September 26

maybe you should check the stats on that-- statistically the rate of std's are higher among teenagers. Teen girls have a higher rate of chlamydia, a disease that is a common cause of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can lead to infertility than older women. At least 10 percent of all s_xually active teens are infected with this disease. Among women, gonorrhea rates are highest among teen girls ages 15-19. The risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is as much as 10 times greater for 15-year-old females than for 24-year-old females. PID can cause sterility (inability to get pregnant). The CDC-- Centers for Disease Control --have great information on these types of things. Maybe next time before blasting you could at least check to see if the info is accurate.


to daile - September 26

as a side note read my post again you find that i used the word "some" and the reason why the rate is higher, certainly what you siad about not using any protection is true, but a 30 yr old woman has probably come into contact with information on how to protect herself from STDs. Because of this she maybe less likely to have "risky" s_x.



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