Terrified Am I Going To Miscarry

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amber508 - May 18

I am very worried.... I saw my baby on u/s three days ago, all looked well, saw the heartbeat. I was having a little bit of spotting, brown.... and it went away. My Dr said it was ok and normal that it was "old blood".... the u/s he did on Tuesday was a vanginal.... come wednesday i was having what i think was a lot of brown blood only when I wiped... it went on all day wednesday... but is now very little, not much at all. My Dr again said it's normal and it could go on for a few days.... But I am completely scared of possible miscarriage....Can anyone give me advice.... is this leading to a m/c?????


amber508 - May 18

I am 7 weeks and 2 days.... sorry... left that part out


Allicat70 - May 18

Hi amber...try to relax....your dr. said that it is normal and it is. Believe me, I know how terrifying the first trimester can be and I was bleeding very heavily for 5 days at 4 weeks and am still pregnant 6 weeks and 5 days for me. My last pregnancy ended at 24 weeks and I was a crazy maniac from the beginning thinking I was going to miscarry...it is normal to have these fears...but I realized that WE have no control over what is going to happen and we just have to have faith that everything is going to ok. So take a deep breath and please try to relax.


Mandy1984 - May 19

with my 2nd pregnacy i spotted both red and brown blood til 13wks all was fine, everything sounds noral with you.... congrats on your pregnancy


CKSAN - May 19

It is very normal to spot after intercourse or any v____al exam (including v____al ultrasound) The cervix will bleed very easily during pregnancy if bumped. I know it's hard not to freak out, I've been there. I've lost 3 during the first trimester. With this preganancy, the day after intercourse around 7 weeks I spotted, I was devastated and petrified I would miscarry again. But it stopped and everything was ok. I know that it is one thing to "know" that it is normal, but an entirely different thinkg to "feel" normal. Hang in there


kee - June 12

if all is normal on ultrasound its likely all is ok. that should be the determinant


Mandy - June 13

Iam 27 weeks and was bleeding brown blood. and also the doc said it was "old blood" but its not goin away.. The hospital doesnt want to see me back unless its bright red blood. but i cant help being worried like Amber is.. The "old blood" has mucus in it now and iam getting bad period pains.. am gettting scared everyday when it doesnt appear to be stoping completley


clare - June 13

hia i had the same thing and was told it was old blood im nearly 29 weeks now and going strong try not to worry about it its onlt=y bad when you loose fresh blood xxx good luckxx



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