The Use Of Methotrexate For Ectopic Pregnancy

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PB - February 23

I just found out I have an ectopic pregnancy. My option were a DNC or Methotrexate shot. I just had a DNC in October and did not want to go through another one. I chose the shot but never heard of it. They really never told me much about it or the effects. I never even got a pamplet on it. They went ahead and gave me the shot right away. The ectopic pregnancy never defenitely defined but based on my HCG levels slowly rising and no presence of a sac and suspecious spots in the uterus they assumed ectopic pregnanct and did not want to take any chances on waiting. Has anyone had the methotrexate shot or know much about it. I know it's a chemo shot, the same one they give cancer patients, it's just a lower dose. Any info????? I'm confused and scared.


PB - February 23

Oh and the Hcg levels were as followed. First off I never knew I was pregnant just thought I was having a really bad period went to doc. on wed 2/16 @ 10am it was just 16 and by 4pm that same day 18. Friday 2/18 it was 25. Today 2/22 it was 58. Based on my numbers I'm doubling around every 72 hours. Did the docs jump the gun to soon??? they freaked me out about the possible ectopic pregnancy that I went ahead with the shot. They never saw anything in the tubes they just a__sumed since the levels were increasing slowly. Can you even see anything at 2 weeks???


beth - February 23

Hi PB. I am no expert. But I had a similar situation. My first hcg was the day I missed my period.I came back 34. 2 days later it was 48. 1 week later it was 134. My dr. didn't a__sume it was ectopic. Just said i could be having a miscarriage, and I did. However, many ectopic pregnancies resolve on their own so I guess I'll never really be sure whether the baby implanted in the uterus or got stuck in the tube. My Dr. said that at 134 hcg's it would be far to soon to be symptomatic w/ an ectopic. That's why she wouldn't just a__sume it was. But, she kept a close eye on me, and then nature took it's course. Good luck to you. I know how painful it all is. Hope this helps.


lemi - February 24

well i just got discharged today frm the hospital...after having an ectopic pregnancy.actually it was a tubal abortion (thank God!) otherwise my tube wud've bursted off...i had severe pain in my abdomen esp. on the right side. and had a kind of black out..which is a symptom of this.they gave me a methotrexate shot and now the size has got really reduced.and the hcg level has gone down half.had some bleeding on that day..but now i don't have any bleeding at all...actually the doc said that i shoud bleed..hope it would soon.she said i can start trying fr another one only after 4 mnths..


PB - February 24

Has the methotrexate made you sick? I've been so nauseated and live on the toilet (sorry to be so gross). I've been going through chills (which the doc said I might go through fever like symptoms) I'm now having thick cervical fluid with some blood comming out. I never received any info on the shot or what to expect. All the research online I have done is scarying me. It seems like a fairly new procedure. Unfortuantly I had to go to a military hospital (husband in the military) and the hospital I have to use is a training ground for residence. I feel like I'm being used for some research info for a residence doctor. I've had the worst experience at this place. I was so devestated about the ectopic pregnancy I didn't think to ask any questions. They didn't even schedule me for a follow up appointment. I just come in Friday for blood work and they will call me if the blood work comes back adnomal. Lemi, did they give you any info about the shot and what to expect?


Lemi - February 25

Well I had a bit of fever along with chills.Had gastro probs too n I still have them. Didn't feel any nausea.I haven't had bleeding after that.They din't give any particular info abt the shot..but this a common treatment for ectopic that the tube wouldn't get damaged...i've got a blood test tomorrow..hope the level would come down... PB, do u still have bleeding?I wonder why i'm not bleeding!


Keri - February 26

I had my injection of methotrexate last Tuesday. My HCG's were slow to rise, last one before the injection was over 5000. My Ultrasound did not show anything in the uterus and I had experienced quite a bit of brown spotting. I had a little bit of nausea and abdominal discomfort after the injection. Some mild cramping and the bleeding. My HCG yesterday actually climbed to over 6000. My doc said this is not uncommon, however the level should drop by 15% on Monday. I seem to be having more cramping, nothing severe, as well as the same thick bloody discharge you explained PB. Sorry to be graphic. This whole experience is so difficult. I had a miscarriage in early January and the ectopic this month...after 10 years of infertility. Doesn't seem right. Good luck to PB and Lemi. Just an FYI, you can always sign a release at the lab and get your own blood work results. I do that everytime so if I don't hear from the doc, I can call them. I seem to get answers a bit quicker, rather than waiting 2 or 3 days.


lemi - February 28

U don't have to worry ,Kerry. After 10 yrs of infertility u did conceive twice. U can also get an hsg test find out if u have a tubal block. Actually u're not supposed to conceive soon after a miscarriage.Did your doctor tell u how long u have to wait to try again? My doc asked me to wait for 4 mnths coz she said the methotrexate would affect the other follicles as well. Once we conceive ...the chances of conceiving soon increases. All the best..



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