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Kat - June 23

The doctors told me that my cervix is thinner than normal...I am in the Army, my husband and I are stationed in Germany so it is hard for me to understand my doctor. My Husband and I went on leave and went back to the states. I went to the ER to get an American doctor to look at me and explain it better. They looked at my cervix and did say that my cervix is 2.9 Cm when it is suppose to be 4. When i came back to germany and got a check up with my dr he said that i was 3 cm. I was just curious if this means that i am more likely to have my son early? Am i at high risk? They say that my cervix is thin. Can anyone please let me know if they think i am at high risk of having him early. I am 21 weeks now. PLEASE ANSWER!!!


Pennie - June 24

Did they say your cervix is thin or short? Did your doctor put you on bed rest?


sue - June 24

normal cervix length is between 3 and 4 cm. mine is 3.6cm at 19.5 weeks. have you ever had any surgery done to your cervix? like a leep procedure? can you see a regular OBGYN while you're in Germany? you just don't want the cervix to thin out too much before the baby is ready to be born. every time you go to the doctor have him do a v____al ultrasound and make sure that you aren't thinning any more and make sure your os is closed and you haven't started to dialate. look up incompetent cervix on the interent so you will have all the information you need when you go back to the doctor. if your cervix stays at 3cm, you'll be just fine; it's when it gets to 2.5 and lower that there is a real concern. your cervix could just be short and not thinning which is not a problem. please read about incompetent cervix though so you can get better information than what i'm giving you.


Pennie - June 26

Hi Kat. Just checking back. I hope everything is going okay for you. Sue is right about an incompetent cervix. Your doctor should of put you on bed rest though. I was diagnoised with an incompetent cervix during my 1st pregnancy. I was about 20-21 wks when I went in for my first ultrasound and my cervix measured 2.7 cm. Anything shorter than 3 cm is cause for concern. Procedures like a "leep" procedure can cause this or it can just be a genetic thing. If they do find that you have an incompetent cervix they should be trying to put an emergency cerclage in. I'm pregnant now with my 2nd pregnancy and they put a cerclage in for me ahead of time so last time hopefully won't happen again. I hope everything is okay and it was all just a false alarm. Let us know how its going.


sue - June 26

pennie, what did happen last time. were you able to carry your baby till term in your first pregnancy even though you measured 2.7cm?


Pennie - June 27

Sue, No it was my 1st pregnancy and I ended up losing my baby at 22 weeks. This time I had a st_tch put in at 11 1/2 wks- I'm only 16 wks now- so we'll see how it all goes!


Kat - June 27

He says the my cervix is thinner than normal, last time he checked it was 3 cm, i just wanted to make sure that iw ouldnt have my baby any earlier than i am suppose to. Can my cervix shrink from having s_x? Me and my husband had s_x and then i went to my apt and he told me it was short than. Thank you so much for the info


nelly - June 28

My sister had this and was put on strict bed rest.



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