Threatened Miscarriage

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Emmie - August 24

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and the day before yesterday I noticed some spotting. I wasn't concerned as I had read that that was normal. Later that day I started to bleed heavily, (bright red blood), but experienced no pain or cramps. I immediately thought that I had lost the baby. I went to the doctor immediately who examined me intetnally and said that my cervix was closed which was a good sign and it might just be a threatened miscarriage. The bleeding was very brief and I am now just spotting again. I've got a scan tomorrow to see if I have lost the baby, and don't know what to expect. I really want to believe that there's a chance that the baby is okay, but I don't want to get my hopes up. I would like to hear any similar stories, so I have a better idea of what to expect tomorrow.


g - August 24

I'm sorry to hear that your your going through this.Everything is probably ok alot of women do spot/bleed at any stage of thier pregnacy. I lost one baby in '98 then in 2000 had a beautiful little girl. I am 7 weeks pregnat and had a threatend miscarrige last Tuesday night. I went to the ER on friday and they said the baby was alive! This past Monday i went to my OB and thank God the baby is still here. I have not yet stopped bleeding though i to am scared. I go back next Monday. Just stay calm and as they say think positive your body can just be adjusting to the baby growing! I'm praying for you.The scan is probably an ultrasound and their going to check for the babys heartbeat and look around there to make sure everything is ok.They might just tell you to get alot of rest and maybe avoiding s_x -thats what they told me. Every case is differnt though so go by your DR orders.


missmar100 - October 6

I'm going through something very similar.I'm about 6 weeks predgnant and I've started to bleed, after being examined it was determined that my cervix was closed, so I wasn't miscarrying.But why all the blood and tiny clots.i went to an Ultrasound today and they also said my cervix is closed,but there was no sign of a sac or heartbeat.Maybe I've misscarried or maybe I'm taking longer to develop a sac, who knows?I do know that my auntie, bled very heavily through all of her pregnancies, but she has three healthy children.I'm going back to my doctor Friday oct7th.I wish you luck with your baby.I'm just as stuck as you.



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