Threatened Miscarriage 3 Weeks Ago Why Still The Discharge

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soontobemommie0730 - January 27

Hi everybody...well see my story is around jan. 5 2007 i started bleeding (kind of like a period...but didnt soak ANY pads so it wasnt severe) and so i went to the E.R. and they told me that i had a threatened miscarriage but the baby was doing great and they couldnt find anything that could have made me bleed (oh and by the way i was 10 weeks when that happened and now im 13 weeks) i was put on bed rest for about a week and a half...and i mean after the first day i quit bleeding which was great and all but i still had a some days it would be brown and some days would be reallie light and then go away and then the next day it would start up again with a little bit of brownish discharge (i didnt think much of it since i figured it was just the old blood)....but honestly at 13 weeks im still having a little bit of that brownish discharge...and i mean they have heard the heartbeat and everything is great...and i still have pressure and i believe i have felt the baby move (this is my second pregnancy)...but anyways my question is...could there be something wrong or could it just be the fact that it could be old blood or something...(i mean when i have the discharge it isnt a lot but its there)...anyways what do you guys think?! im so freaked out...i keep trying to think of excuses why im still having discharge...3 weeks later ugh! please someone help! i just need advice! thanks! sorry so long...and sorry if its rambled


DownbutnotOUT - January 28

I actually spoke to my baby dr and she told me that as long as its old blood not to worry to much because it can be hiding in crevices in your cerix and take awhile for all the clear disharge to clean it all up. if you get bad cramps and back aches I would get concerned and see my dr otherwise take care


jen327 - January 28

Hi, I am 13 weeks too, at 11 weeks I had a bleed. It turned out in my case to be a subchorionic hematoma and was on bed rest for a week. I stopped bleeding after 3 hours from the inital time. But being in bed for a week, i hardly had any old blood, but once I started working again and moving around, it started to come out more and more. I know it is frustrating, trust me. But in time it will go away. It is old blood and the reason it takes so long to come out is your cervix is closed. That is a good thing because if it were open you would be done bleeding in a few hours. But since it is closed up tight it takes a long time for the old blood to seap out. Anyway, good luck. And congrats.


soontobemommie0730 - January 29

Hey thanks for posting!! i mean im still having the brownish discharge and it just seems to get darker...i dont know im still worried but you guys did make me at least breath a little better! lol thanks!! i just am so worried something else could be wrong! i called my dr. today and im just waiting for them to call me back on what she thinks soo anyways thanks again for posting!


ROBYN - January 29

Hi I am 11 weeks and had my 1st gush of blood on New Years I was freaking out went to the hospital they had no clue they found the heartbeat we did IVF and met with our RE I also like Jen have a subchoronic hematoma I have been on bed rest since Jan 1st. I constantly have old blood coming out i fill about 5 panty liners a day. There is also cramping a__sociated with it. They say about 95% of these do go away over time they will bleed out but it does take a while. Your cervix is closed and the blood builds up then it comes out. If this is your case it does sound like what Jen and I have been diagnosed with good luck


soontobemommie0730 - January 30

Hey everybody well when my doctor called me back...they sent me in to have an ultrasound...and they found nothing wrong with the baby which is awesome and made me happy but i still to this day have no clue why i even bled in the first place but anyways...they forgot to take the measurements of the baby so i gotta go back friday to get another...which hey im not complaining lol....but anyways thanks so much for your replies!!


babyonboard16 - February 18

I had a threatended miscarriage at 6 weeks, obviously not where you are, but I had a lot of discharge afterwards almost ALWAYS brown, and my doctor said it was old blood. I hope everything turns out okay and trhy not to worry too much.


Mommiex20803 - February 18

HI everybody this is my other name on here since they changed my due date! (im soontobemommie0730) anyways my doctor called me back and set me up for a ultrasound and they baby was great and i have stopped my discharge which im happy about! but on the last ultrasound they found a "film" going from my cervix to the top of the placenta (i believe thats what they said..) anyways so on March 19th i go for a level 3 ultrasound...wish me luck!! oh and does anyone know anything about a level 3 ultrasound??


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

great news soontobemommie! Im glad the baby is doing good, how did the other u/s go?


Mommiex20803 - February 22

DownbutnotOUT....hi this is my other name im soontobemommie0730...i changed names since my due date changed...anyways my last ultrasound was okay they found a "film" or something like that in there and so they want to do another ultrasound which will be on march wish me luck!!


DownbutnotOUT - February 22

Good luck to you and your peanut! :)



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