Three Pregnancies Close Together Beastfeeding

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Lisa - July 27

I have a 20 month old and a 6 month old. I just found out I am pregnant with my third! I am VERY excited, but also concerned of course. I br___tfed my first while I was pregnant with my second and I plan to do this again with my second and third. Is there anyone else out there in the same boat I am? I am 26 and I hope my body can take it! :-) Any advice!?


Marivic - July 27

Hi Lisa - while mine weren't QUITE as close together as yours, I did have 4 kids in 3 years (the last being twins), but I was even younger (had the twins when I was 19). I didn't have the b___stfeeding issues (stopped BF #1 before #2 born, couldn't BF #2, couldn't BF the twins due to being on bloodthinners), but I know the toll it takes on your body. Biologically speaking, the late teens and 20s are when our bodies are primed for reproduction, and I honestly believe that contributed to being able to "bounce back" with each pregnancy, not to mention having the energy to keep up with 2 toddlers and 2 newborns. I'm not sure how I did it, but my first was potty-trained at 17 months, the second at 18 months, and the twins at about 20 months. It's a rough couple weeks when you're in that "training" phase but it really helped to be able to be out and about without tons of diapers to have to drag around. You're young, I presume relatively healthy, I would enjoy it and remember that in many respects, this is what a woman's body is designed to do! I'm now 20w6d pregnant, age 33, and I swear it's SOOOO much harder now than it was all those years ago! Congratulations on your growing family, good luck!


Lisa - July 27

Marivic - Thanks for the advice! I feel much better! A good pep talk! Good Luck to you as well! FIVE kidos! You go GIRL!


if28 - July 29

Just make sure you clear it with your DR. I got preg with my 3rd when my dd was 6mo, due to concern of pre-term labor which I suffered with past pregnancies I needed to weene my daughter by my second trimester. You're body should be fine as long as you eat accordingly, remember you'll be eating to feed 3, you, your 6mo and your unborn baby; with heart and dedication a anything is possible. I ended up b___stfeeding my dd until almost 10mo, she finally decided she was done. I'm 23wks and my daughter will be 1yr old on sunday, and have a soon to be 4yr old. Good luck and keep strong.


Saroyce - July 29

Hi Lisa! I have three children. A 3 year old, 2 year old and a 1 year old. My three year old and my two year old are 8 months apart. My two year old was premature and my one year old was premature as well. They aren't sure why I had them so early, but, they are little fighters and they are doing well. I b___stfeed my three year old until I was about three months pregnant, and my last two, I pumped milk for them. As long as your doctor says it is okay, go with it. Everything will turn out with the help of God. I had my tubes tied after my last one, but, my husband and I are thinking about having a tubal reversal because my family isn't complete. I know, I would have to take it easy with the next pregnancy, but I am willing to do that because I love my children so much. So, Congratulations on your pregnancy, and enjoy yourself. They grow up so fast. GOD Bless!


Lisa*9 - July 29

If you believe you can handle b___stfeeding though another pg then why not . It would not be any different then the first pg. Except you have one in between. I bf while I was pg with my fist pg and still feed the two of them to this day.. My question is when will the first stop bf,not like I want an answerjust my frustrations on feeding for a long time.



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