To Get A C Section Or Not

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Bilmes123 - August 11

I have realy bad hips...they would dislocate when ever I had s_x or stretched the wrong way... I am afraid that when I give birth that it will damnage my hips even more and take a long time to I was wondering if I should get a c section...I didn't want to get one but if it saves me from even more pain...then that would help.


clindholm - August 12

Honey, a c-section is not the easy or pain-free way out. I had one because I had to and would NEVER elect to have one. The recovery is much longer and more painful, it is MAJOR SURGERY. You are not able to take proper care of your baby for the first couple of days and cannot drive for a few weeks. Discuss your hip concern with your doctor.


Bilmes123 - August 12

yea I'm going to discuss it...I'm just afraid that my hips will pop out of place and cause serious d__nage....if i walk for too long they rub and hurt and if i stretch or anything that has to do where my legs are wide open they pop out. i know a c section isnt a painfree way out. plus the scar and the not being able to take care of the baby properly. its just the d__nage that natural birth may cause in the long run....


joeby321 - September 8

Hey Bilmes,, I know you posted this a while ago but I just wanted to share with you my experiences with C-Sections so you have some info. While some people have had not so good experiences with them, I have had 2 C-Sections and both have been very easy and pleasant experiences. It was pain free both times and my recovery was unbelievably easy. I had absolutely no issues taking care of either one of my children after my C-Sections and after my 2nd I was up and walking around within 35min after having my daughter. I was driving the day after I was released from the hospital. Yes it is difficult to bend and lift a lot but your baby will more than likely weigh less than 10lbs so you shouldn't worry too much about the lifting and my scar is SO SMALL that is is not really noticeable. I can still wear a bikini (not that I choose to) without anyone seeing it. My scar is only a maximum of 6 inches long but it is very light and little. Anyway everyone is different and while I have had great experiences with both of my C-Sections and I am having my 3rd in October and would never want to deliver the "natural"way, other people may not have had such easy times. Like Clindholm said you really need to speak with your doctor and get his advice then weigh your options. Yes a C-Section requires some recovery but if you mess up your hips during delivery you are going to be in a seriously sticky situation as well. Good luck with your decision and keep us informed! =)



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