Told During Ltrasound That Babys Stomach Is Small

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Tina - April 22

My daughter is 7 months pregnant and at her last ultrasound was told that the baby's stomach is small due to lack of nutrition from the placenta. She is very woried! I wondered if anyone has experienced this or can give us some positive feedback.


sonia - June 23

hi i am sonia and when i wazz pregnant i wazz told the same dont worry about it my baby is fine ther is nothing rong with his stomach


Melissa - June 23

At ultrasounds they measure every possible part of the baby and compare it to a baby that is average, and born at 7.5lbs. Every body part will measure differently. For example, I went for my last ultrasound at exactly 20 weeks. The different body parts measured all different, ranging from 22 weeks to 20 weeks, so yes, some things were technically measureing small and some were measuring big. The ultrasound tech will hand of the results to the radiologist who will go over everything and send a report to the doctor. The doctor will certainly tell you if anything is wrong, and he will order more tests be done if he suspects anything. In a nutshell, i would not worry about it, call the doctor for some clarification and rea__surance. Best of luck to you and your daughter and grandchild!


chelsey - June 25

My baby has been measuring small all along my pregnancy. Due date is Aug. 5th. I've had 4 ultrasounds, a Bio-physical, and now go to a Maternity Clinic for Fetal Medicine once a week for an u/s. Last week, I was really worried, I was 34 weeks, and baby was measuring for 30 weeks. It was in the 5th percentile. They said that I had a "constricted placenta", which wasn't allowing baby to get enough blood flow and nutrients. However, yesterday, went for another u/s, turns out that due date may be wrong... now due date is for Aug 24th. Baby moved to the 20th percentile, blood flow is good and baby is fine... still going to be a small baby, about 5 3/4 - 6 1/4 lbs.... but things are now looking up! Maybe your daughters dates are wrong as well. Get the doctor to double check first u/s exam, taken at about 18 - 20 weeks. There are certain things that they can look for to tell them about babies "age". Hope that everything goes well for your daughter and her baby....


Shelly - June 29

Baby measuring small on ultra sound



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