Told I Had A Miscarriage But Have Rising Hcg Levels

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jaclyn0298 - July 9

I am early pregnant at best, maybe 5 weeks. I was told 21/2 weeks ago that I had a miscarriage bc I was bleeding and cramping and they took blood 2 days apart and the level of 26 stayed the same. So I resumed my normal lifestyle and went for my annual pap last Thursday. He had me pee in a cup and tells me the pregnany test is still positive. Doesn't put much thought into it and has them draw more blood to make sure my levels dropped back down close to 0 so I could resume my birth control. He called Monday to tell me my levels went up to 600. He and I are confused. I have an ultrasound tomorrow that hopefully explain some things. Has anyone had this happen and gone on to have a normal pregnancy?


Kendalyn - July 9

Jaclyn - That is crazy. It almost sounds like you were having implantation bleeding and the hCG levels were a flooke the first time. I have never been through that but please keep the forum updated on how the u/s goes. I'm very curious and GOOD LUCK!!!


clindholm - July 10

I wonder if it was the loss of one twin and you still have one viable embryo? Good luck.


jaclyn0298 - July 17

So... I went for an ultrasound last Thurs. and there was definitely a yolk sac and a pregnacy, yeah! But they had me come back today and he is a little nervous bc the there was not much change in the ultrasound. Still no baby and no hb. He is having me come back in 10 days and take a look. If there si not significant change, he is going to schedule a d&c. I am a little disheartened.


msalicia - July 18

I had the exact same thing happen to me, I had a m/c from the uterus and a week later they found a tubal pregnancy. But when they saw the levels going back up after the miscarriage they said more often than not, it is the loss of a multiple and one will stick. I was hoping this was my case but my hcg count never doubled like yours it went very slowly up (like 50 points every few days). I had the pregnancy removed from the tube two days ago. I pray you have the second out come of a healthy pregnancy. Keep me updated.



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