Too Late 4 Miscarraige

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collint3 - April 7

I've geard that after your firtst trimester you don't need to worry about a miscarriage. Is this true? I got a really bad cold this past week and i'm worried that something may happen to my baby, but i'm 21 weeks pregnant.


skn331 - April 7

A bad cold wont make you miscarry, dont worry! Just rest a bunch. It is true the risk goes down in the second trimester, but that doesnt mean it cant happen. A cold surely wont do it though.


Evonna - April 7

A miscarriage can occur any time. Usually the first trimester miscarriages are never a women's fault. The fact that the cause is chromosomal abnormalties. The second-third trimester are usually on you. That's why some doctors are strict about your health and what you do, eat, etc. because what you do or eat can cause to a 2nd-3rd trimester miscarriage.


Evonna - April 7

So if you know you don't smoke, do drugs, lifting extremely heavy things, and your eating shouldn't have to worry about getting a miscarriage at all.


littlemama1022 - April 21

I think when you are that far along it will not be a miscarriage, it would be a stillbirth. I dont think a cold would make you miscarry though.


littleangel - April 22

hi i hope you dont mind me sharing my story with you ladies. here goes i went for my scan at 21wks on the 9/1/6 just to find out my baby had died at 17wks and i went to the m/wife at 16wks and heard the heart beat, i had no cramping or bleeding or sign of m/c, the docs had to induce me to start of labour and they deliverd my baby girl kayleigh -anne on the 11/1/06. she was so small and look like she was sleeping. they called it a missed miscarraige. i have to go to the hospital on the 15/5/06 for my results to why this happened and my due date would have been 19/5/6. it was the hardest this i have ever had to go through in my life, just knowing that you are unable to take home you baby after going through nearly 10hrs of labour. it will happen to me one day i just know i have had 3 cycles now just waiting to see if this is my mth.i gave up smoking and drinking and i eat healthy so i dont think a cold will do any harm but if your not sure then seek advise of your doctor. best of luck. jo


2nd time mama - April 25

hi collint3 - a clold will not have an effect on your baby. i had a cold that lasted literally 6 weeks. it started out with coughing/sore throat and runny nose. thank God no temp but it turned to a sinus infection where i had to take anitbiotics then i got an ear infection again antibiotics - i was around 15 weeks at that time i believe. thank God the meds were totally safe and everything is okay. i had a hacking cough that made me cough so hard i was afraid it would affect my baby. but they are well cushioned in our belly's - the only thing that happened was b/c of the coughing i spotted [which was later diagnosed as a low lying placenta] - but i think that's seperate all together. personally i think it's a myth when ppl say you don't need to worry about a mc after the 1st trimester - yes while the risk does go down greatly you're always at risk. my friend lost her twins at 7 months, another at 16 weeks. sorry not trying to scare you, but just have faith in God that all will be well, and if it's meant to be then no one can stop your little one from coming. don't mean to sound like such a downer, and i wish you and your little one all the best :)



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