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Lesley - November 3

I am nearly 45, in excellent health, take regular exercise and eat a healthy diet. I do drink alcohol, am in the process of giving up smoking and take no drugs. My menstrual cycle is regular and normal and I have been advised that I will probably start the menopause in about 10 years. I am considering becoming pregnant for the first time but want to make sure I know how to minimise the risks to my health and maximise the chances of having a healthy baby. Or should I just face the fact that I'm too old?


E - November 3

You will need to face the fact that your health does not have much to do with the risks of having a baby with genetic defects (down's syndrome). The risk is ultra high at this age (1 in 32). You might want to talk with an OB/GYN who specializes in high risk pregnancies b4 making the decision. Best wishes:)


batya - November 10

I am 45 and having a baby. Fish oils by Vital choice are a great way to stay haelthy and ahve a healthy baby. If you can make a baby then I guess you are not to old to be that abby's mommy


E - November 11

Fish oils and vitamins cannot prevent the genetic problems you are more likely to pa__s on due to age. Anyhow, I am not saying that you should not have a baby, I am just answering your concern about age with some facts.


Chrstine - November 11

E is 45 you are at a higher risk for some things but many woman are having children into thier 40's now...good luck...I think you will be fine..I think she just wanted you to be aware is all.


momat42 - November 11

Yes,the riskfactor is 1 in 32 and yet at age37 the risk being 1 in 40 , I did have a downs baby who sadly did not survive because of her congential heart defect and duodenal atresia, then became unexpectedly pregnant at 42 and was terrified of the higher odds..had a early genetic test similar to an amnio, yet earlier and found that I had a genetically perfect baby boy who is a blessing to me now at 49! (he ha nephews older than him) Just get all the facts..Be your own medical advocate..and then discuss with the experts what YOU want to do!! I found out that not all Doc feel the same on the subjet ..I did have a wonderful OBgyn who consulted with a high risk fetal OBgyn and saw Both of them throughout both pregnancys! Best of luck to you!


eva - November 15

i've a 44 year old friend - she had a healthy baby in march... the risk factors are funny things -you will either have problems or not. the 1 in 32 will only be a problem if you are the 1... but it's the same with 1 in 1000... if you are the 1... it's just how it is. i hope it will work out for you Lesley - but don't stress yourself out on numbers. it's really 50-50.. the fact is that you just don't know till you give it a go... look after yourself and keep us posted


Jana - November 16

I'm the 34 year old mom of a 10 year old disabled child. I wouldn't trade him for the world. You could end up with a child with disabilities no matter at what age you conceive. Don't let a game of probability or nay-sayers make the decision for you.



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