Too Small For 35 Weeks

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Sasha - July 27

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my fundus is measuring 31cm only. I'm a small person, but I'm concerned about the baby. She's only 4 pounds. She should be 5 pounds at least. Should I worry? Will I and the baby grow bigger in the next 5 weeks? Thanks,


Victoria - July 16

I have the same problem as you do. Im 33 weeks and my baby is only 3 pounds ans 15 oz. I am also a very small person. I would like to know the same aa you.


mariah - July 26

When I was pregnant with my first son, my dr told me at 32 wks that I was only measuring for 28 wks. After I had an u/s, they determined that I had low amniotic fluid. They also said that we would be lucky if my baby would weigh 5 lbs at birth - full term!! When I had my son (by c-section because he was breach) he weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz!! Everyone, including the Dr was stunned. We were having ultrasounds every week until his birth and we kept being told that he would be very small, but he came out average. I would not put a lot of stock in the ultrasound weight as long as they say everyhting else is fine.


pregnant - July 27

I am 35 wks as well and everyone tells me all the time that it seems unreal that i am as small as i am. i weigh 116lbs but my baby is at average weight.i just carry my baby girl very small and compact. your baby-on averge-should be NEAR 5 lbs(maybe alittle less or more depending on you yourself) once you hit 37 weeks. i wouldnt say theres anything to be alarmed about. each baby gains weight at different paces as well as you .


Anon - July 27

I had a friend who had her baby full term...she was also a very small woman, But she carried her baby to term and he only came out at 4lbs. Her Doc. said that most of the food she was eating was going to her and not the baby... (i dont know if that is true ) But he eventually gained weight, he just had to stay in the hospital until they thought it was safe for him to go home =) he is as healthy as can be now


MANDA - September 17



Reijo - February 19

My daughter-in-law was having a similiar problem. Her doctor decided to induce at 38 weeks because the baby was no longer gaining weight and he said she would be better OUT then INSIDE her. Our granddaughter was born with no problems but was 3 lbs. 11 ozs and seemed SO tiny. She went home three days later with her Mom. I couldn't believe it. The doctor said that she was not a preemie just low birth weight due to a placenta nourishment problem. She is now 8 and very healthy however, she is pet_te which is just fine. My daughter-in-law is rather pet_te also. You'll be fine!


aimi - April 8

im only 5'2 and 105 pounds and my husband and i are trying to have a baby do u think that i am too small to have a healthy one?


nelly - April 11

aimi. I was 18 only 5'1 and weighed 99 pounds when I got pregnant I gained 34 pounds and had a healthy 7 pound baby girl. you should be perfectly fine GOOD LUCK!!!!


Jasmine - April 29

well i am 7 months pregnant and i carry small too im having a girl the baby is ok you may not be to yourself but you are big i am very skinny with a big belly i say to myself its not big enough but she is fine dont worry the baby she would be fine


Carol - May 21

Hi my first baby girl was 4pounds 7 ounces at 37 weeks was taken out by c section hopin second will be avg weight my obstetrician says second will be small too is that true


tara - June 15

I am 38 weeks and my fundus height is 34 & was told my belly is too small & I have only put on 1/2 kilo in 2 wks so I have to get an ultrasound. Hopefully everything is ok


chelsey - June 16

I'm just about 33 weeks, had an ultrasound 1 1/2 weeks ago, baby is only about 2.5 lbs. Very small. First born weighed only 5 lbs. 9 0z. At 32 weeks with her, she weighed 4 lbs. Dr. thinks this may be a small baby as well. Have another ultrasound day after tomorrow. Worried myself. Goodluck!!


jess - June 16

I TOO AM SMALL.....104 lbs gefor pregy- am now 116- at 22 weeks i am still small but my baby is uterus is even bigger than ya never know....i think the food goes to baby first though........


Portia - July 14

Sasha don't worry. At this point in pregnancy you can measure just that amount of difference.I'm a couple of centimeters ahead because the father of my baby is 6'4 and if you're small then that's probally why your baby is growin slowly because more that likely he/she will be small like you.I also saw a similar situation on the discovery health channel and there we no worries, the baby was just small because of the parents genetics.


jamie - July 14

i am 18 years old and 5"1 and weighed 83 lbs at my 1st dr. appt. now im 35 weeks and at 32 weeks i had an ultrasound for measuring small but she weighed 4lbs 6oz! the dr. said i was just a small person but she was fine. i now weigh 107! so you can definatley have a good size baby no matter how small you are.


Stacy - July 15

Sasha, I was the same way. I was told by my doctor at 5mo that my baby was quite small. We ended up having 4more ultrasounds which each time they told me that he wasn't growing at the rate he should. Found out that my placenta quit on me. This was the reason why the baby wasn't growing. I ended up at full term a 5pd perfectly normal baby. Make sure that their checking these possiblities. If your ok, then maybe your a lucky one like me and will have an easier time with labor b/c the baby isn't huge!



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