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wicca_moon_03 - March 6

If im pregnant, what are my chances of geting toxoplasmosis from cleaning my cat box? i would have someone else do it but i live alone at the moment. If i do get it, what are some of the symptoms and how dangerous is it?


kali - March 7

Hi! I don't really know about the symptoms if you do get it, but I know the only way you can get it is to ingest the germ in the cat feces. I had to clean the litter box while pregnant too, I just was very careful to keep my hands away from my face and mouth and wash them thoroughly afterwards and I never had any problems - it's still better to have somebody else do it, but if you are careful, you should be just fine!


kali - March 7

oh, as far as how dangerous it is, it can cause miscarriage if you get it early in your pregnancy, if later on, it can cause blindness in the baby or even stillbirth, so it is dangerous!


1st timer - March 7

I was worried about cleaning the cat box too but my doctor told me that if I've had cats for most of my life or for a long time, chances are, you've already been exposed to it and have built up an immunity to it. It's only dangerous if you ingest the germ for the first time while you are pregnant.


kiiiitty - March 8

In one of my pregnancy books, it claims you don't have to worry about it, if you know that you cats don't mess around with LIVE mice. It says that mice are the source that cats get the germ from.


Bronwyn - March 8

You can get a test to find out if you're immune - it's actually part of my doctor's first bundle of blood tests. You may have already had the test. I came back negative, but i've had cats for my entire life, and have been changing cat litter daily for 15 years. Since they're indoor cats, i doubt they're going to get it..... You can also get it from the dirt outside, or even from raw or partially cooked meat... Here is the Center for Disease Control info:


Bronwyn - March 8

(and take out the dashes in my link - not sure why it has to do that. )


kiiiitty - March 8

i had no idea they have blood tests for that. i need to ask my doctor about that next time, just to see if they did it to me. they did 4 blood tests, but i cant remember what they were for besides the HCG & blood type


Erik - March 10

Toxoplasmosis is dangerous to your baby specially early in your pregnancy. However, it is easily avoided. First of all if you cat is a house cat and does not go out, you have nothing to worry about. The way a cat gets toxoplasmosis is by eating raw meat, such as a bird or mouse. Second, even if your cat is a carrier, the toxoplamosis spores take approximately 3 days to develope on the cats feces. Therefore, as long as you change the litter daily, the spores will never develope. As a precaution, make sure you wear a mask and new gloves each time you change the litter, and wash your hand thoroughly afterward. Most people in this country get toxoplasmosis from eating undercooked meat, so make sure you watch what you eat. Goodluck.


ELS - March 10

Also, make sure you put all food up. If a bug lights on the cats box then lands on the food it can be spread that way. My doctor told me this because I do have a housecat and we had mild weather so I had the windows to my house open. This is just another precaution. Congrats on your pregnancy.



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