Transverse Lie

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Frosty - April 7

I am 35 weeks and was just told that my daughter is in the tranverse position. My doc says she will wait another two weeks, if she has not flipped by then, we will do an ultra sound and schedule a c-section. Anyone know what the chances of her flipping before delivery?


Jenny - April 7

Me too, I had a doc appt yesterday and she is transverse. My doc said that by 37.7 weeks if shes not turned he will send me to the hospital to have an external version done. Sometimes they just keep flipping back and forth. I hope mine turns on her own


natalie - May 21

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been told that the baby is transverse and to wait till 37 weeks I was wondering the same thing,otherwise I to am facing a c sectoin.


Amy - May 23

I asked my doc the same question and he siad only 25% before going into delivery. I'm in the same boat. Somebody help as I don't want the C-sec!!!


amber - June 2

im 34weeks monday and have the same thing - have a midwife appt tmorrow so will ask her as much as i can


monica - June 2

I heard walking helps to turn baby to the right position.


tina - June 2

i work with a girl whose sister had this problem and the baby did not turn until two hours before he was delivered. there is always hope. they had her on all fours and eventually he did it.


andrea - June 4

I dont' know any percentages but my son was transverse at 36 wks ~ we were preparing to have a c-section. At 38wks he flipped himself around and I delivered naturally just 2 days later!


Joyce - June 6

I have the same thing at 35 weeks! I read that you can try leaning forward on your hands and knees to allow the baby room to move. Good posture when sitting is also important - and of course sleep on your side!


Michell - June 6

Good luck getting the baby turned! I did not know until delivery and it was VERY abnormally painful and traumatic. Next time if this occurs, I would rather have an elective c-section


carole - June 8

i had same at 30 weeks my girl didnt mive as i got topld she would as baby small! my baby was actually to big to move back in head down good luck


laura - June 9

put head phones on your stomach and play music at a desirable level of sound closer to your pelvis as babys like the sound and will turn themselves to hear it


Shayna - July 2

I was transverse at 36 weeks and the doctor told me that if I was still transverse at 37 weeks they would do an external cephalic version(EVC), which is painful, dangerous to the baby and only works half the time. I saw my Chiropracter and he performed the Webster Technique. Three visits later (at 37 weeks now) the baby is head down and ready to go. The Webster Technique is safe, pain free, and works over 85% of the time for turning breech and transverse babies. For information or with questions please email me at [email protected]


Tricia - July 17

I was 34 weeks and went into labor. I was at 4 centimeters dilated and the doctor could not feel the head, did an immediate ultrasound and the baby was a transverse lie. I had to have an emergency c-section. Transverse lie can become dangerous if your water breaks, the cord could prolapse and cut off oxygen. Please monitor the position of the baby if it is still transverse nearing the end of the pregancy.


Lori - August 19

I had this done with my first child, now 12 weeks pregnant with second and it was the most uncomfortable thing I ever had done in my life. Once the dr's took their hands off of my belly my son scooted right back into transverse position. And the waiver you sign before hand scared the life out of me - not responsible for breakage of limbs etc. Weigh your options is all I'm saying - good luck all


sheree - August 19

i'm neally 28wks was told that she is a tranverse lie head to left, i also have a low lying placenta( if it hasn't moved in 2wks then placenta previa) and have read that placenta previa can cause a tranverse lie, am unsure weather mine will move or not because of that factor !


danni - August 6

my baby has been head down through whole of pregnancy so far, since last wk(now 29wks) it has decided to lie transverse, im hoping it will change back to the normal position becauset his is very uncomfortable, and i would like to have normal birth



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