Ttc After Miscarriage So Many Problems Helllp

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TRACCY - March 26

h__lo Ladies, I dont know what to do and I am going crazy.....I had a miscarriage Aug of 07. COuld not get enough cells durin the Dnc so i dont know if it was due to chromosones...I was told that my progesterone was low. and that sometimes is a sign that it is not going to be a viable preg...After a few test the doc told me i had mthfr and thrombophilia. I am on prenatals, baby asa folic acid 1 mg and meformin 1500 mg for pcos...I didnt know i had pcos because i have reg periods and no cysts so i guess its my hormone levels...I waited 3 months plus after mc and went back to the doc and he did bw said my fsh was not good and it was too high for someone my age and that i need to start ttc now..I repeated the fsh levels tand they were great but he still did not seem happy...I am on clomid and ovidrel....this is my second month I never even ttc conceive naturally after my mc...Last summer when i got preg we did it once and bam i was preg..It was so easy...Was it luck ?? I cant see how so much can go wrong in a matter of months................FOR this month i do not know if i am preg yet....I had the u/s during my folly was 24 cms i think cms...I did the ovidrel inj and did opk and started trying....I am going nuts --its only 2 months of trying and i cant take it..I am ocd so i sit and obsess about this allllll day...Today is march 26 and i am not due til 4-1...I did a test and it was neg but i think i tested way tooo soon..It was like 9 days before af...But at least i know the ovidrel is out of my system,...I give all you ladies a lot of credit ....I dont know if i should skip clomid this month and try on my own......I heard that clomid causes hostile cervical mucous....I dont know..I read way tooo much......IF anyone has any pointer i would appreciate it..I wish all of you lots and lots of babies..... love tracy


clindholm - March 26

You may want to post your question in the "Problems Getting Pregnant" forum, they are very knowledgable. Good Luck!



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