Tubal Preganany

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Lesley - September 9

I think I may be pregnant in tubes. Does anyone know how I can tell or find out?


- September 9

if u have really bad pain in ur lower yummy, if so go to the ER they will do a u/s and find out that way, but i really think that u have one, go to the ER right now, u can bleed to death, if it come away from u. good luck i hope ur not going though this


Mary - September 9

Well, I was pregnant and lost at 6 1/2 weeks. I got pregnant again after 7 months and it was a tubal. When I went to the doctor to take a pregnancy test to confirm; they told me it was neg. But I had taken 4 home preg. test that were all Positive, but the lines were light. Every time I would take a test the line would get darker. I then went to another clinic and it tested Lightly positive. The nurse told me to follow up with my doctor because the pregnancy could be in the wrong place. I never had real bad pains, only mild menstral type cramping. I went back to the doctor and they did a sonogram and the uterus was growing normal but there was no action in there. When the doctor called me back into his office i knew something was wrong. Come to find out it was a tubal and it was at the very bottom of the tube. I didn't have to have surgery since it was so early in the preg (1 1/2 months). I had to get a shot to terminate the pregnancy. Good luck


starlyght 24 - September 9

the only way you can find out if you have a tubal pregnancy is by an ultrasound. A v____al ultrasound will be better. Another sign is that you bleed as if you are having a period. that is merely your uterous cleaning itself out but the baby is already growing in the tubes. So if your HCG shows your pregnant and you have bleeding like a regular period i would check it out. whatever the case make sure your health care provider does a checkup right away because right around 4 weeks is when your in emergency surgery and it isnt a joke you could die. Just make sure you get an ultrasound. My tube ruptured they had to take it out. Plus I was bleeding internally for 5 -6 hours before i went into surgery and ended up needing two blood transfusions. A tubual is not something you want to mess with.


Jody - September 16

Hi Mary, When did they tell you its ok to try again after the shot?



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