Two Misscarrages In A Row

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sg - October 14

since may i has suffered 2 misscarrages in a row, i am leaving it a good few months this time, but how can we not worry when its happened twice before? i was lucky in catching straight away both times, seems getting pg is the easy part for me, its keepin hold of them thats the hard part. they both occured around 5.5 weeks. i guess none of us have the answer really, only its nice to have so much support on this site, i did not have access to a comp at the time. i wish everyone all the luck in the world!! and here's hoping it will be 3rd time lucky for me. god bless you all!!


stacy - October 26

My dr. says that a blood clotting disorder can be the cause of multi miscarrages. I think the tx is scary but it is worth a shot if you are interested.


K - October 27

My good friend had two miscarriages right in a row. The doctor told her that her body just hadn't recovered enough from the first miscarriage to carry a pregnancy before she got pregnant again, and it was just a fluke. He was right. She waited the 3 cycles he suggested after her second miscarriage; got pregnant the very next month and now has a beautiful 2 year old boy. Good luck!


kay - November 24

I had a blithed ovum first, miscarried next at 5 months, then again at 3 months, then I had a beautiful girl and then a boy back to back, God Is able. my spouse wouldn't let me give up, we would fight because I was tired of trying. I didn't even take breaks between theses pregnancy, because he was determined it was embara__sing. This is what I did: stayed in the bed most of day, layed on my left side I believe, kept a pillow between my legs, kept legs elevated as long as comfortable, ate good, prayed and kept the 27 psalm near my heart sang to baby prayed to baby early.


Sandie - January 16

Hi SG, You might want to have your physician check your anti-nuclear antibodies. I am positive and had two miscarriages, I am currently pregnant and 16 wks, I was put on a low dosage of baby aspirin. I am hoping this baby will be okay,, so far so good.



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