U S 6w 2d Yolk Sac There But No Fetus Yet

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Dana - May 4

I had my first OB visit on Monday and she performed transva___al u/s. Because my LMP was 2/26, they thought I was around 9w but I have long cycles and with temping, OPK's etc, I know I didn't even ovulate until around 4/3, which put me at around 6w 2d at that appt. My scan showed a nice round gestation sac, a yolk sac and possible even placenta but we didn't see a baby in there. At first, she was concerned but when I told her my dates were out, she was relieved and said this was completely normal. I'm having another u/s on the 9th. Okay - now I'm reading about blighted ovums and all kinds of things and am worried. Can you have a blighted ovum when a yolk sac is detected? I've never had any kind of spotting, still have sore bbs and all day nausea and SO, SO tired!!! Anyone been in the same boat? Thanks for any input!


Beverly - June 19

I am at 6 and 1/2 weeks and have been told the exact same thing. They did a second ultrasound Friday and I will have another on Wed. If they get the same results again, they will opt for a dnc Wed. I am of course devastated! I have all the same symptons you have as well. It is somewhat comforting to know you are not the only one! Many blessings to you!!


christine - July 6

i got an u/s on monday they saw a sac with a yolk in it but no fetus. this is my first pregnancy, i dint know this could happen. they say im about 5 wks, went to the ob and he said it should be fine, too early to see the baby yet anyway. i have also been getting brown stuff when i wipe and a light pink discharge. only felt my first bout of nausea this morning. i am trying to be positve i didn't know so many other woman were in the same boat


Tina - July 19

I will be 13 weeks tomorrow and I had an ultrasound last week that reported the same thing. I have several of the pregancy symptoms (sore, enlarged b___sts, fatigue, food aversions etc) but they are saying there is no baby! I completely feel for you and know what you are going through. It truly is a complex thing to get your head around (and heart!).


cindy - July 20

Have faith. I went in for an u/s at 8 weeks and saw just gestational sac. The doctor said maybe I had ovulated late. I got so worried after reading about so many miscarriages. When I finally went back 2 weeks later, we saw the baby and it's heartbeat. It measured 7w5days. My dates were off by 2 and a half weeks. I have since heard the heartbeat also. I am currently at 12w3days. I'll remember you all in my prayers.



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