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Stacey - September 10

Has anyone had an u/s around 7 weeks and not seen a fetal pole or heartbeat? Please share because I am so scared!


Susan - June 30

I had one at 7 weeks and could not detect a heartbeat. My doctor says not to worry. I am concerned like you. Has anyone out there experienced this?


Ana - July 9

Stacey, I was pregnant in 2003 and had an ultrasound because we weren't sure when we conceived. After a v____al ultrasound in the doctors office and another at a radiology lab, the results were that there was no "fetal pole" and it was called a "spontaneous abortion," (what is commonly referred to as a miscarriage.) It was put to me nearly that bluntly by a nurse, but what else can be said? I would look into this further.


Kim - July 16

I had my 3rd ultrasound in 1 week today and was 7 weeks 1 day, no heartbeat and no growth in the baby (fetal pole) in one week. I was also spotting/staining. I am scheduled for a D & C next week. As hard as it is to lose the baby, it is in Heaven now. Not knowing for a week was far worse for me. I wish the best for you.


Susan - July 16

I had a v____al u/s today at 7 /12 weeks. They saw a sac and fetal pole, but no heartbeat and the embryo measured only about 5 weeks. The sonographer was pretty blunt about the lack of heartbeat, and the doctor was pessimistic but said he could not say with absolute certainty that the baby was gone. They are going to repeat the u/s in a week. They didn't take my hcG levels today or at the appt confirming the pregnancy - that seems like a major oversight to me and would've helped see where we are...I'm very, very sorry for your situation; what did they tell you? It seems like maybe a blighted ovum, which I had in my last pregnancy but didn't know until I started spotting which led to the u/s. My thoughts are with you.


HEATHER - August 11



Janis - August 12

I had an u/s done at 6 weeks and had the same thing. It has been the waiting week from hell. I had my blood tests on Monday/Wednesday to check my HCG levels and will get the results today along with my next u/s this afternoon. I'm hoping 6 weeks was too earlly and today will be a happy time. It is god's will no matter what happens. My husband has been wonderful and supportive through this tough time. It helps to have as much support around you. Good luck.


Janis - August 12

Update: They miscalculated. I'm 6 weeks this week and we just got back from the Drs. We saw the heartbeat and the little bean that is our baby. Thank god. Always keep the faith.


Lisa - August 13

I am going through the same thing. Had my first ultrasound on 8/3/04 due to light brown bleeding. At this time, the doctor measured me at 6 weeks, only a yolk sac, no embryo, no heartbeat. Went back to doctor 9 days later, yolk sac had grown much larger, still no embryo, no heartbeat at 7 weeks. I have appt on 8/16/04 for a third ultrasound. I had 5-6 days of light brown bleeding which has stopped. I am so scared and anixous. My blood pressure was very high at both appointments. I am 39 years old and I think this may be my last chance at having a baby. We conceived naturally after 11 months of trying. We do not have any children and have waited a long time for this baby. Please any advice would be welcomed.


Janis - August 13

Lisa I know exactly what you are going through as you wait. Not knowing is the worst feeling. Did the doctor check your HCG levels? They should be doubling. What is your doctor telling you? I will pray for you.


Anja - August 13

Hi, according to the first day of my last period I am supposed to be about 8 weeks pregnant. When they did an ultrasound yesterday the doctor found a yolk sac and a baby (although it was just 6 mm long!) but he couldn`t detect a heartbeat. He said this is very common and I should see him again for another ultrasound in a week from now. But he also said I already may have had a missed abortion. I am also very worried but am still hoping everything will turn out ok and that there will be a heartbeat and a further grown baby. I have read that sometimes the heartbeat or baby can`t even be detected until the 9th week or so (depending on the us machine) and still everything is fine. So I still have hope too. Wish you the very best. Anja


Toni - August 14

I began spotting a week ago & I just had my first u/s @8weeks yesterday. My doctor says they don't see a fetal pole. She also said this could be for a variety of reasons; too early in the pregnancy (misdiagnosed how pregnant), miscarriage due to egg not implanting in a viable place in the uterus or location of pregnancy. On Monday, I'll be sent for blood work to check my levels. She said if the levels have increased, there's still chance of a normal pregnancy. I'm trying to remain hopeful and trust that God knows what's best. My prayers are with you too!


Colleen - August 17

Seems like so many of us are in the same position. I had my first sono yesterday (8/16 at what should have been 7 weeks and one day. The doctor saw the yolk sack and the embryo but no fetal pole. He was vague about what was happening to me, just that he thought perhaps I was off on when I thought I first conceived which would make me much earlier then we had thought. I am not optimistic about that though as my obgyn is fairly certain that's how far along I am. I have to go back in a week to check for any developments and growth at which time, I suppose I will find out the status of my pregnancy. This week will no doubt feel like a year. It is helpful to know there is a sounding board with really helpful support and information.


dejashare - September 7

I to have had an ultrasound done at 7 weeks and i seen the waves on the machine but 2 weeks later my doctor told me that he couldn't detect a heartbeat and wanted to perform a DNC. but i wanted a second opinion because i can feel little fluttering even though i'm only 11 weeks. the other doctor told me that maybe it's to early. can some one help becasue i'm sooooo scared


JKS - September 8

Yes, I had an u/s at 7 weeks and no fetal pole in either of the 2 sacs they saw. My Dr. is not very positive, but my midwife says it's possible it's just too early, depending on when you ovulated. I go back today at 8.5 weeks for the 2nd u/s. I'll let you know how it goes. Good luck to us both!


csp - September 8

I had an u/s yesterday. Per the u/s tech, I am 6wks, 1 day. they saw the GEs sac, yolk sac, but not fetal pole. Dr. said it is too early to see it. She said not to be concerned until week 10. She also said the u/s can mis-determine how far along you are by up to a week- either way. So at the least, you have 3 weeks not to worry!!!


Sharon - September 10

Stacey, hang in there. I'm going through the same thing too. I had an ultrasound today (6 weeks). There are two yolk sacs (possibly twins), a fetal pole but no heart beats. I'm not feeling very confident about this as I did see a heartbeat at 6 weeks when I was pregnant with my 3 year old daughter. Although they a__sured me that it could be too early for heartbeats.... I'm just not feeling very optomistic. They did take bloodwork and now I'm waiting for the results. The waiting is the worst. It's in Gods hands and I keep telling myself that he doesn't give us anything that we can't handle...



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