Ultra Sound Says Yes Blood Test Says Neg No HCG HELP

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Jennifer - December 31

I have had an ultra sound (2) and (2) blood tests. Blood tests are neg. although my ultra sound shows an endim. linning of 1.87 which indicates a pregnancy, because my doctor has never heard of a neg. blood test and a positive pregnancy he won't accept it he has put me on bedrest (no s_x, no heavy lifting yata yata) due to slight bleeding last week. Which has all stopped as long as I stay on bed rest... (weird?) I have all the signs my stomach is growing (I look three months preg. This would be my third child so that's normal) My chest has gone up at least a cup size although probably more. I am going back for a repeat blood test on Monday but he won't do another ultra sound without a positive blood test (insur. reasons) I wonder if I should get a second opinion. All of my other blood work is normal so it's not a chem imbalance. He ruled that out. The nurse said that there is no way my body would act "so" pregnant if I wasn't. I had three doctors push on my stomach and mesure my growing uterus at 6weeks. So what GIVES. They all say "they are puzzled" I don't know what to do. I WANT ANSWERS! Any help please offer it. I am going nuts.


Honey Bee - December 31

Well, time is only thing that will solve this mystery. It sucks waiting for anything exspecially this. You will be in my prayers and hope everything works out. Remember, you can change nothing right now... Only thing you can do is relax and keep it easy. The answers will come soon enough.


Patti - December 31

Maybe the lab made a mistake with your test. My sister had a positive urine and a negative blood. She waited a week tested + w/ an hpt again and sure enough, she was pregnant. Good luck to you through the waiting!


My answer - January 1

Could you be having some sort of chemical pregnancy? If the only indication was a thickened endometrial lining, but they didn't see a sac or anything (I know... it's very early and there may not be anything large enough to see yet...). I'm sure another few days will tell you what's going on one way or another. Please post back and let us know how you are doing.


bump - January 3



Lulu T - January 14

I am sorry - I don't have an answer but the same thing is happening to me. I have never been pregnant before but I have gained wait my chest has grown and I have been tired all the time. The tests say no (home and doc) and the doc said I had all the symptoms no period - please if any one knows please answer. Good luck to you Jennifer.


Jennifer - January 14

Thankyou, I am 9 and a half weeks pregnant and I go to the obgyn on wed. I finally got a positive HPT two days ago... @@ But then I took another one yesterday a different brand and it came up negative. I will update you after wed. How far along would you be?


baby_angel_wings - September 4

Hi, I am trying to find the answer to this same question... When I was preg with my daughter I didn't get a positive for 4 months. I was sick, gained weight and tested Neg each month. Til I was 16 weeks, I got sick off a subway, just looking at it make me puke. I just knew I was preg at that point... went to the store got a hpt and POS+. Its not 12 years later and I think I am preg. Test is showing up Neg. I am getting sick from smells, my taste is way off, I am always thirsty, very emotional, cramps like I am going to start anyday I've felt this for over a month.. Tested 3 times & all Neg! Its like a repeat! I need to know why this would happen.. if anyone finds the answer to this please email me faithfilled57@yahoo.com


auggiebetrue - February 13

jennifer, i am sorta in the same boat, i have neg blood tests, but my ultrasound last week showed a sack, had a blood test today that was neg, and i have what seems like a period, so the nurse thinks i'm miscarrying.


BeckyBunny - February 13

That happened to my mom when she was in her mid 30s and she wound up bleeding constantly and had to have a hysterectomy.


carole jowett - October 20

I am in exactly the same position. I haven't had a period for 104 days. I was sick for 8 weeks, had cravings and food aversions, needed to pee constantly and started producing milk. I have put on 7lbs and all my trousers are getting too tight. I fit into the bras I bought when I was pregnant with my son and nned to wear a support belt to help with stretching pain (I hae a lot of internal scarring). However I have tested negaitive on two blood tests and numerous urine tests. No one will agree to a scan. I am unable to wear contact lenses now as I am suffering from a severe case of dry eye my optician said is very common in preganancy. I have seen an endocrinologist and all my hormone levels are normal so there is nothing wrong with my thyroid or my pituritory gland. I have a very painful abdomen today and, as I suffer with endometriosis am prone to miscarry, I am really worried but no one sees it as an emergency as Im NOT PREGNANT! I have another docs appointment on Friday and a gyne appointment in three weeks. I just hope nothing is wrong with the baby or me! I'm so sure I am pregnant. If I'm not what on earth could be causing this?


K - October 20

Carole, I would insist on an ultrasound even if insurance will not cover it and you have to pay for it yourself. See how much your doctor charges, I think usually it is only $100 or $150. Further, I can't imagine why insurance would not pay. Even if the insurer claimed a "pregnancy" ultrasound was not warranted, there are other reasons to do an ultrasound here, and they have ways to code it so insurance pays. When I went through infertility (not covered by insurance), my RE coded my ultrasounds as checking for cysts due to complaints, rather than checking to be sure no cysts were there so he could prescribe Clomid, and insurance paid. Obviously, you have complaints regarding pain and swelling, so there is no reason not to do an ultrasound for medical reasons whether or not you are pregnant. Something strange is going on and they should be looking for a cause. Abdominal swelling and irregular periods are reasons that ultrasounds are normally done regardless of whether someone is or believes they are pregnant. They do them to check not only for pregnancy, but for fluid, cysts, tumors, abcesses (and I'm not saying that there are any indications that you have any of these - it sure sounds more like pregnancy- just that if you are complaining of pain and swelling that an ultrasound should be done) It seems ridiculous to me that no one has performed an ultrasound to see if you have some kind of a problem even if they don't believe you are pregnant.


mommy08 - January 17

hey hunn im in the same boat right now trying to figure out wtf to do :) im pregnant on a ultra sound.. but blood work negg/ wtf. i feel so pregnant frequnt trips to washroom n stuff.. hmm maybe the ph leeavel in us is down or somthing!!


mbristol7 - January 22

I am so glad to see others in the same boat as me. I have had a neg. hpt. neg. blood test and tomorrow go for ultra sound. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and my stomach is becoming a problem in my clothes. I have nausea and if not nausea I have heartburn. My b___sts hurt when I even look at them. I try not to think about this because of my age. We will see.


melanie1972 - November 10

I am 37 years old and have had five healthy children, 4 of them by CS. I have had very light periods, for the last 3 months and nothing this month. My uring test shows up negative, but I can feel movement, exactly the same as a baby kicking. My husband has also felt it, so not a figment of my imagination!! Everyone has had a feel, but refuse to do blood test or scan. Only problem is, when I had my last baby, they said that having any more could kill me and/or the baby, but everyone just thinks that I am neurotic. Help, any advise welcome.


believe2374 - April 14

I would really like to know what to a lot of you in your situations seeing as though I am going through the same thing but probably worse. I have neg blood and urine tests and my ultrasounds come out neg but I my stomach is growing and I look six months preg with a lot of pregnancy symptoms. Issue is, is that when I look at my ultrasounds myself I see what looks like a face or baby and finally I got a cat scan done where they took an x-ray and you can see the baby clear as day on my x-ray. No doctor will listen and think I'm crazy prob because they can't see a doctor missing something like that but they have. Everyone I show sees this and it's not just me. There's more to it but I would really like to hear how a lot of your situations panned out. Hopefully several of you will be updating soon.


believe2374 - April 14

I meant what happened to a lot of you in your situations



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