Ultra Sound Says Yes Blood Test Says Neg No HCG HELP

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believe2374 - April 14

I meant what happened to a lot of you in your situations


tabatha63401 - May 9

I need some help I have seen so many doctors for pain my stomach the pain was so bad I couldn't take it so I went to the doctors. I have not had a period snice Jan 1 2010 and the pee test and blood work comes back no on both me and my boyfriend lost a kid back in Nov that would be the 3rd one I lost but I have milk come out of my b___st now everyone talk to says I shouldn't have milk coming out I go to the doctors May 17 2010 to get a cam down my mouth they are looking for other things but I am scared that I might be and I don't wanna hurt my baby. We even but a stephoscope on my belly and thought we heard a heart beat I would be five months if I was someone please help me and what I should do...


auggiebetrue - May 10

I would go get a second opinion. I have been pregnant with both negative blood and urine tests, and because I believed the tests, and not my body, I miscarried.... because I took the unsafe antibiotics. You should not be leaking milk.... if you are not pregnant.... there is also a chance its not milk, and you could have an infection or something else going on with her b___sts (although you know your body and it sounds more like pregnancy to me). DO NOT take that test if you still think you are pregnant, you are either sedated or put completely out for that test, and being put out is not good. So my advice is to get second, possibly third opinions, sometimes threatening to go to a different doctor will get your doctors attention. Good Luck, I hope you get things figured out


Kiki979 - May 18

Believe2374, we are on the same boat!!!! Although I don't think I'm as far along as you are if I'm pregnant. Let me start by saying that I've always been VERY in tune with my body. My husband & I have only been TTC for 2 months and this has turned into so much confusion and not as much fun as we anticipated! A week after ovulation and what would have been conception I started feeling different. EXTREMELY noxious in the mornings, then all day long, sore b___bs (I'm 30 and I never ever have sore b___bs even before my periods), dry mouth, food aversion, tired (but not so much sleepy but I get tired even folding a shirt now). I actually kept count and I used the bathroom 12 times in 11 hours the other day. BUT all HPT are negative. Blood work negative and ultrasound as of yesterday did not reveal anything (I thinking the doctor thought I was crazy and I don't think the ultrasound technician was looking very hard for a sign of a baby anyway...) I am very frustrated at this point. I've been telling myself "ok, you're not pregnant" and tried to move on but the symptoms are telling me otherwise! I want a baby but not that but to make my body believe that I'm pregnant! Did any of you ladies ever experience something like this and ended up pregnant? If you ended up NOT pregnant could you share with us what it was that was causing you to feel pregnant? Please help! PS: Doctor tested my urine for UTI and my blood/thyroid for other chemical imbalance and nothing was wrong with me.


Kiki979 - May 18

I forgot to mention that I would be in my 8th week by now if pregnant...


believe2374 - May 19

tabatha63401-if you're having milk coming out of your b___st, then you definitely need to go to a different doctor and let them know that and demand they help you. you should not be having milk come out unless you were pregnant. if you ever watched i didn't know i was pregnant a lot of them had milk come out and then the baby came later in the toilet, bedroom, etc. GO To A BETTER DOCTOR!!! PLEASE!! For sake of you and your baby.


believe2374 - May 19

kiki979-i just recently found out what was wrong with and it's not a baby even though my body kept telling me otherwise like yours. i found a great dr. who answered all my questions. even though there are still some questions that go unanswered..he still diagnosed my situation. i have pcos and i had a yeast infection that went unnoticed by so many doctors. so i would say see if it's that. ask about pcos and you can check yourself for a yeast infection..if there are any cottage cheese looking b___s in your discharge then that could be the problem. it made my stomach swell and my intestines fill with gas and move. the human body is amazing but a combination of both made look really pregnant..lol..but i'm happy to be healthy now and possibly pregnant. i found out on mother's day but it was light so i have a drs appt next week. but just to let you know with pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) there is no cure and it must be managed. a lot of women have it and don't know so i would check asap and birth control pills help with pcos because it causes a hormonal inbalance which throws your body off track real bad believe me. it also causes weight gain and infertility in women, but it doesn't keep a woman from being able to conceive, so don't be discouraged if so. your dr should give you an ultrasound to check and if there are a whole bunch of cysts on both your ovaries like more than 8 then you more than likely have it. ultrasound is the clinical test for pcos so make sure they perform one for you. the way you can suspect it is if you're irregular and miss periods often and seem to feel better on birth control pills or your period but look it up because i'm not a dr...just speaking from experience.


Kiki979 - May 21

Alright girls, I've got some answers. I hope this can help anyone in similar situation. So I finally went to an Obgyn and related my story. She looked at the copies of U/S performed at the lab and say everything looks very normal and no baby in sight (Which I knew because I got my period that morning) She basically said that I most probably was pregnant but that it was a "Chemical pregnancy", which means that you become pregnant for a VERY short period of time but quickly lose the pregnancy for a reason or another. Usually because it would not be a healthy one. And that's why all my urine and blood test came back negative. (I did have 1 very faint positive 2 days before my missed period). So the reason why I was still having pregnancy symptoms is because my body was already gearing up to host a baby and with some women it takes time to get back to normal, thus "Chemical pregnancy". All in all, I'm really excited to have found some kind of answers. That Obgyn was great and very knowledgeable. So if I were to give anyone some advice, I would say go see a specialist if you can instead of a general doctor. You will save yourself a lot of headache and confusion. Now, she said I'm ok to start trying again as soon as I'm ready so we'll get back to it! Good luck everyone! This is was I found online about chemical pregnancies: What Is A Chemical Pregnancy? A chemical pregnancy is the clinical term used for a very early miscarriage. In many cases, the positive pregnancy test was achieved before the woman’s period was due but a miscarrige occured before a heartbeat was able to be seen on an ultrasound. With the ultra sensitive pregnancy tests on the market today, it is easier than ever to get a positive result 3 or 4 days before your period is due. It is wonderful for those who NEED to know, but does have it’s down side. Early testing shows chemical pregnancies which would not have been detected had the woman waited for her period to arrive. Chemical pregnancies are unfortunately very common. 50 to 60% of first pregnancies end in miscarriage very early in pregnancy. Most occur without the woman even knowing that she was pregnant.


daisy0307 - August 8

hi all. i'm new here and i'm in the same boat. i have had several neg urine tests a few neg blood tests but on my ultrasound me and everyone else that has seen it sees a baby.i have most of the symoptoms. i'm eating alot more, my belly is growing, i'm alot more tired, irritable,alot more trips to the bathroom, feeling sick, i get dizzy and alot more headaches. my periods have been very weird since may to.so if anyone could help that would be great.


babyconfused - December 10

I am so happy I have found this! I am so confused on what to do - I am in the same boat. I am over 44 days late and at a loss of what is happening to me. I have all the typical pregnancy symptoms. Tiredness, bloating, hunger, sore swollen b___bs, weird taste, strong smells, and have to pee all the time. None of this is normal for me. I have never been pregnant before, but it really feels like I am. But my tests keep coming up negative. I have had endometriosis for the last ten years as well as ovarian cysts and fibroids (all that have been removed by surgery). I feel like I am very in tune with what is going on there. But no one believes that I could be pregnant, and frankly I am not sure what to believe. I have gotten negatives on at least 7 urine tests (although 3 were taken too early), and 2 blood tests. Finally foot the bill and paid for an ultrasound at what was supposed to be 7 weeks. The Dr said she found a sac, but it was empty and because I have a t_tled uterus couldn't see very well. Because of my symptoms and family history with ectopic pregnancies, she braced me for the worst. I was on pins and needles until my appointment. She ordered loads of tests, but my tests all came back clear. No hormonal problems, no thyroid, and NO HCG! As well as no bleeding or cramping (since what could have been implantation in early Nov) Because of this she has completely dismissed the sac and says that I am 100% not pregnant and to get on with normal life (despite not having a period?!) Said that I could gain a bit more weight to see if that helps, but I should start the pill again and forget about it. But I still feel very pregnant and am looking more and more like it... WHAT SHOULD I DO? This is kinda crazy, but I still feel pregnant? Should I go to a different Dr? Has any actually failed every test but was pregnant after an empty sac and no HCG??


feliciainky - May 19

hi am going through this also i am 2 months late my ultrasounds says im expecting but my blood work says in not I am so confused i am only 28 and would really like to know whats going on


mobay - July 12

Has anyone found out anything about this yet? I have the same thing, I took 3 HPT all positive on different days, had blood work, it came back neg. I took two more when i got home (different brands) and both came up positive.. its so strange, anyone have any info on this??


graves82 - June 27

hi i had my tubes cut about 5yrs ago afte i had my 3 child, and this month my bothers girlfrind thought she was pregnant and becouse the box came with 2 test she dared me to take one and i thought what the hell i know its going to come back as no anyway, so i take it and it says i am pregnant so i thank well i will just wait for my period to show up on june-23-2012 and here it is already june 27-2012 and i still have not had my period and i have taken many many pregnacy test over the pa__s few wks and also i have been sick sleeping all the time and sick to my stumic everything is making me sick things i use to like are just to much for me naw like hot foods i use to love eating hot foods but naw it just seems to hot, neways i went in yesterday to get a blood test done and paid the 25 dollars only for them to tell me no i am not pregnant so my thing is can i still be pregnant ? i came home after that appt and took 3 test ( 1 dollar tree test, 2 clearblue test the ones that say + if pregnant and - if not) all 3 came back as yes pregnant any one having this problem


Lyssianna1 - March 28

I went through the ha__sle of registering for this site just because I felt this was so important... I have a daughter who is now 13 (born healthy, and still healthy to this day); but when I took the pregnancy test back then it took hours for it to register the second line, and when it did, it was very faint. That was when I was over 4 months pregnant... The fact that I carried her to term and she was in fact there is clear indication that some women's bodies do not react to standard hormonal changes that most other women do. I recently conceived again and again the pregnancy tests are coming up negative even though I know for a certainty I am pregnant... My point is, for all of the women who are experiencing this and feel like they are (or are being told they are) crazy, you probably are not! There is a lot that doctors do not know, nor are they likely ever to know... The already "filled" cup has a hard time receiving more knowledge and information. I would recommend that those of you who are experiencing this seek out second opinions and/ or alternative methods of prenatal care. I hope this post in some way helps who have found their way onto this thread because they are experiencing this issue.


Hajjah - May 23

Thank you Lyssianna1 for your post...It is now May 23, 2013 and I am experiencing something very similar. These post are very helpful but the sad thing is most do not update with final outcome. Your post brought tears to my eyes...I had a miscarrage at 5 weeks 9 months ago and now this month I finally got 4 positive urine hcg but when for a BHCG yesterday and it came back less than 2ml....I was crushed but I took two more urine hcg and they were positive within 1 minute....but the lines are not very very dark....I was 11 dpo when I took the BHCG...I'm not sure what's happening but I must be patient, prayerful and know for certain these doctors think they KNOW ALL, DONE ALL and HAVE SEEN ALL...but in fact God continues to show them they KNOW NOTHING...I'm a REGISTERED NURSE WITH FIVE YEARS ER WORKING EXPERIENCE and I know how they are! thanks again for your post! Hajjah


Rayann626 - September 22

This is such a frustrating situation, and I so glad that I am not alone. I am a single mother to a wonderful 7 yo boy, and have an M.Sc. in Biochemistry. I have no history of mental illness, and am very well adjusted. However, I have been feeling like I am going crazy over the last few months. I have experienced every pregnancy symptom, exactly like I did with my son, and having been getting nothing but negatives. 5 negative HPTs, 1 negative urine from clinic, 1 negative blood test, and my ultrasound showed increased endometrial lining (no sac) and a complex cyst on my left ovary at what should have been 8 weeks. I went and saw the doctor again today, who got upset with me when I told him that I have now started to feel fetal movement. He revisited my blood test and said "The is absolutely no way that you can be pregnant, it came back negative, in fact, your hCG level is less than zero, it's -2.5 mUI/mL." I questioned this, "How can you get an hCG value of less than zero? the test measures total hCG. I would like to have another test done, clearly this one is erroneous." Well, he refused to give me a requisition for more bloodwork, said everything else is excellent, and I should just put it out of my mind. I have a second ultrasound next month, for the cyst (which, I personally believe is a misdiagnosed corpus luteum cyst), they have to check the uterus as well, so hopefully they will see something this time. I have a retroverted (tilted) uterus, which makes it difficult at times to see everything that is going on in there, it is easy to miss a tiny gestational sac in the early weeks, even with transvaginal (my son was not seen until the second ultrasound at 18 weeks). I will be 17 or 21 weeks when I finally go for the second ultrasound this time. My friend has also suggested I go to the planned parenthood clinic here and get a second opinion. Demand a pelvic exam, blood test and ultrasound. I would be 14 weeks now, and I want some answers before I'm too far along. Regardless, I have been eating right, taking prenatal vitamins, stopped drinking, smoking, caffeine and sushi. Taking it a little easier at the gym. But I am worried because there are a lot of chemicals that I work with that can harm an unborn fetus. Trying to avoid some of the tests at work as much as possible. I also want to be able to tell my ex-BF about the pregnancy before I'm too far along so he can get used to the idea as well. If I am not pregnant, then what is really going on here?



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