Ultra Sound Says Yes Blood Test Says Neg No HCG HELP

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Rayann626 - September 22

This is such a frustrating situation, and I so glad that I am not alone. I am a single mother to a wonderful 7 yo boy, and have an M.Sc. in Biochemistry. I have no history of mental illness, and am very well adjusted. However, I have been feeling like I am going crazy over the last few months. I have experienced every pregnancy symptom, exactly like I did with my son, and having been getting nothing but negatives. 5 negative HPTs, 1 negative urine from clinic, 1 negative blood test, and my ultrasound showed increased endometrial lining (no sac) and a complex cyst on my left ovary at what should have been 8 weeks. I went and saw the doctor again today, who got upset with me when I told him that I have now started to feel fetal movement. He revisited my blood test and said "The is absolutely no way that you can be pregnant, it came back negative, in fact, your hCG level is less than zero, it's -2.5 mUI/mL." I questioned this, "How can you get an hCG value of less than zero? the test measures total hCG. I would like to have another test done, clearly this one is erroneous." Well, he refused to give me a requisition for more bloodwork, said everything else is excellent, and I should just put it out of my mind. I have a second ultrasound next month, for the cyst (which, I personally believe is a misdiagnosed corpus luteum cyst), they have to check the uterus as well, so hopefully they will see something this time. I have a retroverted (tilted) uterus, which makes it difficult at times to see everything that is going on in there, it is easy to miss a tiny gestational sac in the early weeks, even with transvaginal (my son was not seen until the second ultrasound at 18 weeks). I will be 17 or 21 weeks when I finally go for the second ultrasound this time. My friend has also suggested I go to the planned parenthood clinic here and get a second opinion. Demand a pelvic exam, blood test and ultrasound. I would be 14 weeks now, and I want some answers before I'm too far along. Regardless, I have been eating right, taking prenatal vitamins, stopped drinking, smoking, caffeine and sushi. Taking it a little easier at the gym. But I am worried because there are a lot of chemicals that I work with that can harm an unborn fetus. Trying to avoid some of the tests at work as much as possible. I also want to be able to tell my ex-BF about the pregnancy before I'm too far along so he can get used to the idea as well. If I am not pregnant, then what is really going on here?


NewbieGirl - December 4

Hi Rayann626, I've just been through an unusual pregnancy odyssey too. Mid-September my Significant Other & I had unprotected sex. Literally the next day began a little cramping but period not due for 2 more weeks. Plus nausea began for a few weeks, & continued light cramping across my abdomen for 10 weeks, needed naps a lot, chest felt super fullness the whole time like before period but no period, and my cervix has changed to feel soft/closed all the time (if you check your cervix regularly, you know what I mean)! And I'm super sensitive to my body, and I have NEVER felt like this before. HPT's all negative, a blood quanbreastative beta Hcg the week after my missed period was 2.39 Hcg (5 Hcg is minimum to be considered pregnant), and today (would be 12 weeks after missed period) I went for abdominal ultrasound. First, I've never had one before, and was so surprised that they are super blurry on the screen, it's just like a gray fog lol. The sonographer said she couldn't see a pregnancy in my uterus, and the only big black spot (like you see on sample ultrasounds of pregnancy) was my full bladder lol. I never was trying to or wanted to get pregnant, so I know it's not my mind *hoping* that I am. In fact, it's sort of a relief right now after the ultrasound that at least there wasn't a big cyst or horrible thing visible in my abdomen lol. So I wonder what in the world all these symptoms are from....


Rayann626 - December 4

Hello NewbieGirl! Well, if I am pregnant, I am now 27 weeks along. I had my second ultrasound which showed a normal sized uterus, and a very thin endometrium days before my period was supposed to start. And my cysts have resolved themselves. My doctor has screened me for so many things: hypothyroidism, diabetes, cancer, cysts/tumours on ovaries, breasts, pituitary and adrenal glands, PCOS, Celiac's, Anemia, Vitamin Deficiencies, Kidney Disease. I was referred to an OB/GYN for my lack of a period (the last 3 were only 6 hours of spotting), and she checked my cervix for ablation and blockages (to which there are none), she also checked my abdomen for m es, and used a dilation tool to touch the inside of my uterus and induce contractions. She said that I should count myself blessed that my period is so light. WTF?!? My breasts have grown 2 cup sizes, my nipples are darker and I have had some leakage, and I have gained 10" across my lower abdomen, new stretch marks, and my hips have widened, but have not gained a single pound. I still feel movement in my abdomen, have had rib cage expansion, and felt strong "kicks" to my ribs and spine. I have also lost a mucus plug (which can grow back), and I bought a fetal doppler and can hear what sounds like a placenta, as well as a heart beat of 136-145 bpm when my own is sitting at 78-89 bpm. But... apparently I am not pregnant. So, I'm trying to put that out of my mind as much as possible. If I am, I'm definitely carrying in my back, and we'll see if the baby drops in about 2 months time. But at this point, I'm thinking that my body is just confused. My dizzy spells, nausea and headaches have gotten much worse though, to the point where I have been tempted to go to the hospital. I am now being screened for an adrenal deficiency called Addison's disease. This can cause symptoms not unlike pregnancy (nausea, dizziness/faintness, fatigue, cramps, abdominal pain, frequent urination, food cravings, heightened sense of smell, confusion/lack of concentration, loss of period, mood swings, irritability, headaches, backaches, darkened pigmentation of the skin). It's a rare autoimmune disorder where the person has an inability to cope with stress due to insufficient cortisol production, and left untreated can be potentially fatal. However, it is manageable with steroid replacement medication. Because it is so rare it is often missed and/or misdiagnosed. If this is what it really is, I'm sure that all my worrying about an undiagnosed pregnancy has not helped my health at all, BUT... pushing the doctor for an answer may have just saved my life. I'll keep posted on what my officially diagnosis is when I finally get one.


queenbrit82 - August 12

This is what is happening to me my urine pregnancy test is saying that it positive my hcg level in blood is saying normal that it negative but my ultrasound shows a 3 1/2 week sac

Is it to early to show or what is going on


CuteBaby - November 7

Hi i am new to this forum and going through similar situation is it ok for everyone to update about their situation plz?

M intrested to know :-)

Thank u


Ragsroberts - August 24

I too am so relieved I found this forum. I swear I've been thinking it must be me going mental. I'm sad so many people have not given feedback further to their posts though so I can only assume bad news followed. Here's my experience:

History of recurrent miscarriage (9) 1 lovely, lovely 3yr old. I always pick up on my pregnancies about 4 days after conceiving. This time bam - full on nausea/dizziness to the point I've felt off my face and had to leave work 3 times and currently still off. In the last 6 weeks I've had 3 feint positive hpt, 3 full sets bloods (all normal/neg), full on preg symptoms, I keep being discharged from Dr/Gynae so I have to take me fella with me as back up to my appointments because people are assuming I'm making it up. I'm not so desparate to have a child Is make these things up and I've never felt so unstable with no cause! I know my body and this makes no logical sense! No one agreed to do an ultrasound until I pushed them v hard so I have an external booked tomorrow afternoon. I assumed it must be an etopic because the HCG is so all over the shop but no -because I have no pains in abdomen or shoulder. I've had 1 period a month ago (no pain , watery, light on day 1, normal day 2+3, brown 4/5), I don't believe I have miscarried so far. Dr suggested this may not have been a true period. I also spotted for 2 days, a week later. I came on again yesterday. Again, Mexican red, light & watery. I still have slight nausea, fatigue & odd dizzy spells that make me feel I'm on a moving escalator or something. I usually get period pain but not had that. I'm genuinely knackered and totally confused. I guess my options are 1) I'm a freak of nature, pregnant but not showing hcg or increased progesterone 2) I've had a chemical pregnancy which hasn't told my body 3 ) I'm growing something my body thinks is a foetus 4) I'm mental. 

I guess I might find out tomorrow at the scan...



Ragsroberts - August 24

Forgot to add that I had 1 strong hpt as well as 3 feint ones


Ragsroberts - August 25

Ladies, I said I would tell you where I'm at after the scan. Absolutely nothing. No pregnancy, no sign of pregnancy, no sign of anything masquerading as a foetus - nothing. I'm part relieved it isn't cancer or anything, I'm part gutted at there not being a cryptic baby but I'm utterly spun out about all this. My partner and I believe it was a chemical pregnancy that disappeared leaving my body think it was still growing. It has to have been something like that. Had to have been. I'm not mental, my boyfriend is not mental and I KNOW this isn't a case of making it up. I'm sure if that. If you need to ask anything let me know x


gaeatat - January 17

Same situation here but no ultrasound until monday... It's going to be a LONG wait for Monday and then the wait for results from the ob/gyn! I have breast changes (swelling/tingling) that I've only experienced during pregnancy, various other pregnancy symptoms, a negative blood hcg test, multiple negative urine hcg tests... I don't know what to think, I guess time will tell if it's baby number 3 or not. All my other hormone levels have tested in normal range (DHEA-S, Prolactin, TSH)



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