Ultrasound Hemmorage At 4 Weeks Near Sac

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Perl - December 1

U/S shows gestational sac and dates 4 weeks. U/S Tech reported he saw hemmorage near the sac. Dr. said I may bleed for a month or so, but did not seem too concerned. All else seems normal. After 2 previous mc's and no children, EXTREMELY worried. Anyone heard of this before?


Dawn - December 2

Hi, I have the same thing, went for u/s and said I was 6 weeks no heartbeat, but saw a hemmorage which is apparently why I have been bleeding, however I am having further problems, hcg dropped too. But my midwife said the hemmorage sometimes happens and can be completely normal. Are you bleeding. Mine has been like this for 2 weeks and is mostly pink, occa__sionaly darker and sometimes brown.


Christine - December 2

This is probably a sub chorionic hemorage...(sp)....lots of woman experience this...I did and was soooo worried...come to find out it is when the placenta does not fully attatch for some reason so you get a small amount of blood that collects...I was told that it was nothing to worry about...some woman will experience bleeding with this...I didnt though...most of the time it just gets "sucked" into your system...good luck ladies..and dont worry about it...if you get a heavy bleed or bad cramping is when you need to be truly concerned.


Ann - December 9

I had never heard of this, but am relieved to finally find something about it. I'm 5 wks, and started bleeding-thought I was having a m/c. I went to the MD and found out there was a strong heart beat as well as a sac of blood outside of the gestational sac, which is where the bleeding was coming from. I f/u in 2 weeks for another US, but the MD said it usually works out OK. Good luck.


TOYIA - December 9



Christine - December 10

I'm not really sure why the placenta does not attatch correctly in one spot...but that is the cause of the bleeding/hemorrage(sp)...seems to be pretty normal and usually do go away on there own...good luck


Kira_lynn - June 27

I've found it also can be common in subsequent pregnancies. If you've had it once, you might very well have it again. My sch didnt turn out so good, and i lost the baby. Make sure you get lots of rest and no s_x.



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