Ultrasound Results

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jessica h - February 9

i took an hpt on 1/7/05 it was positive . went in for ultra sound where i thought i was 8 weeks 4 days, they said i was only measuring 5 weeks 4 days but it had yolk and looked healthy. has anyone experienced this and what was the outcome?should i have a d&c?


stacey - February 9

I wouldn't rush for a D&C just yet. Did they give you another appt. for an u/s? Wait to see if the fetus grows any. It is possible that you just ovulated at a different time.


Stefani - February 9

Well, I would wait on a D&C. You are certain things aren't ok. I had a similar issue though. We went for our first US thinking we were 8 wk...they measured 6w 2d and they found a heart beat....but it was very slow. Went back for another US 5 days later and they could not find a heart beat at all. So I figured it was a lost cause. However they said sometimes the mothers heart beat can reflect that early and perhaps they enver heard the baby at all. SO it has been up and down for me. I went in today to give blood so they could compare with Monday. I go back for another US tomorrow. There is a faint glimmer of hope....but I am fairly certain the news isn't good. So once that is confirmed then I decide how to proceed. I really don't want a D&C. I want to pa__s it naturally if I can. Anyone have any experience with this topic?


jessica h - February 11

i had another ultrasound today the sac measured 6 weeks 4 days still no fetus i go back in a week .my hcg on monday was 12863 and wed it only went up to 13995. is there any hope


Mandy - February 11

Jessica, same thing happened to me lmp11/28 when I went to the doctor first time in Jan. they dated me at 5 weeks , since then I've had 4 us , never heard hb , saw a sac and fetus but it didn't live. Today I had a DC. They always had my dates wrong saying I was not as far along as I really was, so I knew something was wrong..Never had MC symtoms and still had pregnancy symtoms .. Such Is Life...



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