Umblical Cord Complication

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carol - March 6

what are the complications associated with only having two instead of three parts of the umbilical cord. scan reveals there are only trwo at 19 weeks.


Kath - March 7

HI Carol - I'm copying and pasting from a response I have just left for another lady named JOy.........


Kath - March 7

This shows just how common this is, and how we should not worry so much!!!This is also referred to as 2 vessel cord or SUA or single umbilical artery. I am 33 weeks pregnant and was advised of this at 19 weeks. Ifreaked about upon reading things on the net, but many of these studies are very small. My doctor advises that by itself it shouldn't be a problem, it's just that in certain abnormalities detected it often accompanies these. The point being, if everything else looked fine at your 19 week scan, you should not worry. (Easeir said than done, i know!) I have done lots of research, there is some scary stats on the internet, but my doctor and all I have read about it advises there is a slightly higher chance of chomosonal abnormalities, but that if your scan showed everything to be fine, that you shoud not worry. If you would like to read more real-life stories of many, many women who have been diagnosed with SUa and gone on to have lovely healthy babies, go to Baby Center and search on placental disorders and you will find lots of rea__surance at the 2 vessel cord site there. There is story after story of "well guys, another healthy, perfect SUA baby born today!" which is exactly what you need to hear. Apparnetly lots of babies are born with SUA and parents only find out when the cord is examined post birth. I was advised at 19 weeks that I would have to go for another scan to check on interuterine grwoth retardation, which I did at 27 weeks, and the baby was actually in the highest percentile (97%) for it's age, that is how well it is growing. Let us know how you go!


joy - March 8

i am so grateful for your reply. it really made my day. will take your advice and go to the baby center. will keep in touch


NoahZoeMum - April 23

I know this is an old post but it may be helpful for parents with a two vessel cord pregnancy who want more information. I had a two vessel cord pregnancy with my daughter. The ultrasounds showed no issues with her organs or growth. I needed 2 extra ultrasounds during the pregnancy (28 and 32 weeks) just to check these things. When my daughter was born she was average size and no complications. At 5 days a heart murmur was detected and we discovered that she had a hole in her heart (VSD) but it is likely to heal itself and is not causing any issues. She also has a mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears. Other than that everything else is normal and she is a very happy baby. We are just thankful that she is here and happy!


Kiddolebel - April 23

I had a daughter born in 2006 that had the same umbilical cord issue. She had a fetal echocardiogram done and her heart was fine. She was born perfect! No issues, even now 3 years later :)



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