Unsure Ectopic Pregnancy

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Elsa - February 17

My pregnancy test is positive. I have had an ultrasound as I have been experiencing all the symptoms associated with an ectopic pregnancy. As I am just 10 days overdue my period, the scan did not reveal either an ectopic or healthy pregnancy. A second scan is scheduled for 14 days time. The symptoms have now gone, I am no longer experiencing abdominal pain or bleeding. Is it possible that this could be a normal healthy pregnancy and the symtoms were unrelated to ectopic? The uncertainty and waiting is difficult for me, this is my first pregnancy at age 40 and very much wanted.


VICKY - September 28



Charlene - September 29

Hang in there til you have the scan. I had an ectopic 2 years ago and am now 17 weeks with just one remaining tube. there could be some other explanation.


starlyght24 - September 29

Hi I had an ectopic August 13. I found out that I was pregnant July 25th. I bled for about 4 days even though I had a positive pregnancy test. The ER labeled me as a threatened miscarriage. Like I said the bleeding and cramping stopped in 4 days and everthing seemed normal. Until August 13 when I had really bad cramping on my right side but had no v____ally bleeding. I went into the er and my blood pressure was 87/44. evidently my tube already ruptured and I was bleeding internally. I ended up having to go for emergency surgery where they removed my right tube and I had to receive 2 blood transfusions. Its scary!! But at least you are getting scanned. Nobody every gave me a scan they just said well its normal for some women to bleed when they are pregnant. I have 2 kids already and never bled with them so inside I knew something was wrong. Just make sure they give you a scan a v____al one would be better since you are not that far along. Good luck to you!!


Julie - September 29

Yes, it's very possible for this to be a normal healthy pregnancy. At only 10 days late, you're not very far along. 14 days could make a HUGE difference in an u/s. I know of SEVERAL women on this website who've been afraid for their pregnancies because they didn't see anything in an early u/s. And then, the next time they had one, BAM...there was a baby. So, don't give up hope yet. Try to be relaxed. The odds are with you that it's not an ectopic. I'm sure it's just too early.



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