Using Heparin During Pregnancy

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Tamara - December 1

I am doing IVF for the 4th time on Dec 5th. The fertility dr. put me on Heparin this time thinking my blood is clotting and cutting off oxygen to my baby. I got pregnant my first 2 IVF's, but lost the baby by 7 weeks both times. Has anyone had recurrent miscarriages, then used Heparin and was successful finally? Just curious. Thank you and baby dust to all of you...and me!


Amber - December 8

Hello Tamara - I am 5 weeks pg and I have a blood disorder (anticardiolipin). I have also suffered three m/c so my doctor has now put me on Fragmin (blood thinner) I have to take one shot in my stomach once a day. I really hope this is going to be successful pregnancy.


Michelle9426 - December 16

I have had 3 early miscarriages in the last 14 months and I am now pregnant (7 weeks) and on heparin.


Tamara - December 16

Thank you Amber and Michelle for your responses. I found out 3 days ago that my 4th IVF was unsuccessfull. I have no more frozen eggs so we have to start all over again. Paying $15,000 more next week to start another plan. It is so frustrating, but we are not ready to throw in the towel. We really want children. Pls let me know how both of you are doing....It gives me hope to see other's succeses! Baby dust to both of you!


yetanothertripletmom - January 16

I know I'm a little late, but I did have a successful pregnancy on heparin after having 3 miscarriages. I found out I have an elevated Lipo Protein A. The doctor started me on heparin (2 shots in the stomach everyday) BEFORE I conceived. I honestly think starting the heparin before I conceived is what enabled me to have a healthy pregnancy. Healthy triplets actually!


Tamara - January 16

Wow....thank you so much for writing (yetanothertripletmom). That gives me so much hope. I am having my egg retrieval next week (jan 24th) and prob gonna put 3 eggs in 5 days later. My doctor is putting me on the heparin before they transfer the babies also. I cant take it yet, because of the surgery next week. So, you really think the heparin is what caused you to carry your children? My m/c were at the 6-7 week mark. Like there was no oxygen getting to them......they think my blood may have clot too much. I would love to hear from you again. Tam


yetanothertripletmom - January 17

to Tamara - Yes, I truly believe heparin allowed me to carry my children. All of my miscarriages were early (5-9 weeks). Apparantly my uterus lining could never build up thick enough for a baby to properly implant. I'm glad you're starting the heparin before the transfer. Good luck!! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!


Tamara - January 17

Amber and Michelle, how are your pregnancies going? Yetanothertriplet mom: my lining is always very thick, no worries there! We always see a sac, but no baby at the 6 week u/s. They think it may be the blood clotting and cutting off oxygen to baby....they cant be sure. Thats why they are doing the heparin. Now I just have to get pregnant again!


miranda_kuskie - January 17

Hi! I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I've had 3 m/c and 1 ectopic. My last pregnancy ended at 13 1/2 weeks before I was finally diagnosed with anticardiolipin antibodies. This pregnancy I was started on lovenox injections daily and also a baby aspirin daily. We're praying and hoping this pregnancy goes well, it seems to be so far. I hope you get a positive pregnancy test soon! And I pray heparin works for you!! :)


Tamara - January 17

Thank you Miranda for your story and I wish you nothing but the best. I will look up your condition and lovenox on the internet. I am not familiar with them. Thank you so much again for writing! Baby dust to you!


MK - February 3

I too was just started on Lovenox about 2 weeks ago- 2 shots a day, and a baby aspirin once a day. I have had 2 m/c and found out that I have a genetic problem. I hope this pregnancy goes well. Good luck to you all.


Maria - February 4

I too suffered two miscarriages last year (11.5 & 6.5 weeks). I was tested for and showed positive for a blood clotting disorder. As soon a s I knew my doc put me on baby aspirin which I used daily immediately and gave me a prescription for Heparin to start as soon as I got pregnant again. I'm happy to say that I've been using Clexane & baby aspirin once daily and I'm now 30.5 weeks along. Hoipe this gives you some inspiration.


Tamara - February 4

Thank you all for your responses. I just did my 5th IVF and I did not get pregnant. I have been on aspirin since last August and the dr. puts me on heparin each IVF try about a week before the transfers. I just have not been successful. I got pregnant w/ my first 2 IVF's, so I know I can get pregnant. I am so exhausted from all of this trying and tired of doing the fertility drugs as well. We are looking into adoption now because I am so tired of being defeated. We still have frozen eggs and another fresh cycle before our IVF contract is up....but I'm telling ya....this baby thing has literally exhausted me.


Michelle9426 - February 8

Did they test you for blood disorders (such as anticardiolipin)? I am now 14 1/2 weeks pregnant. I take 1 shot of heparin 2 times per day. I had 3 miscarriages within 9 months before this pregnancy (at 5 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks). I had injectable fertility drugs, the "trigger shot" (ovadril) and iui to get pregnant this time. I started on heparin as soon as I got pregnant and I am also taking 81 mg of asprin, 200 mg of progesterone, and 30mg of prednisone. I feel great. I am 40 years old. I have had 3 different spotting/bleeding episodes, and 4 ultrasounds that have shown a heartbeat and a bouncing healthy baby so far. Good luck to you. It will be worth all of the pain and emotional roller coaster to have a healthy baby. Baby dust to you.


Tamara - February 9

Yes...after my first 2 IVF pregnancies that miscarried, they tested me and found I have MTHFR (gene disorder). I am being treated for that with 5.2 mg of folic acid daily for the rest of my life. The disorder shows blood to clot, thats why they started me on Heparin. IVF'ers always take the aspirin daily, along with steroids, progesterone, etc. We are on soooooo many drugs its not even funny. We actually just started the adoption process because this IVF has taken its toll. Thanks for responding!


nic - January 9

Hi Tamara, I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I'm taking Heparin injections twice a day for the first time. I've already had 6 miscarriages so this is something the doctor is trying out. Hopefully it will work - in the past all my miscarriages have been before the 8th week, so I'm very keen to get past that milestone and see if the Heparin is doing any good!


slenz - November 11

During my first pregnancy I developed preeclampsia and baby was born early, no health issues. My blood pressure remained high so I now take medicine for it. I had a miscarriage this September, my uterus lining broke apart. I had several blood tests and now my OB doctor said I need to start heparin shots before I get pregnant again. Are the shots safe and will it prevent another miscarriage? I'm a little nervous about this.



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