Uterine Abnormality Bicornuate Uterus Ladies

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Danni - September 24

Hi There, For those of you from the VIE board this is "Darby". Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and meet other ladies with the same diagnosis. I have a deep arcuate uterus and have had 4 mc, currently trying for a baby. Any positive stories of successful pregnancies or anyone having a rough time? Thought we could all support each other whatever stage we're at!


Ida B - September 25

I have had two different diagnosis- uterus didelphys and bicornuate uterus. As it turns out I have a combination of the two- a complete duplication of the uterus/cervix, but they are fused into one fundus. Weird huh? We are going to ttc again in October.


Greeklady28 - September 25

I too have a bicornuate uterus. I was diagnosed at 4 weeks and the doctor is concerned I may go into labor too early. I am 24 weeks along and according to my last u/s and doctor appt yesterday, all is well. I go in for monthly ultrasounds to check on the baby's growth and to make sure my uterus is ok. So far my pregnancy is normal and healthy, so it can happen. Good luck


AnxiouslyWaiting - September 26

I have a bicornuate uterus as well. I've had a miscarriage at 11 weeks, a beautiful 2 year old daughter, and a chemical pregnancy that was ended at 5 1/2 weeks earlier this month. So, it can happen. The only thing is hope and pray it attaches to the uterus and not to the septum. Best of luck to all.


Julieama - September 27

Hi Darby, I used to be on the VIE board, but that insurance company shut me out, so I can read the postings, but I cant reply. My husband says I dont belong on that discussion board anyway cause I have never suffered from any of those afflictions. But, I do enjoy the friendship of you all. I admire Kerio and well, all of the ladies. I do have positve stories of successful pregnancies, and maybe I have something to offer.


cazza76 - September 28

Hi there! It's Cazza here from the VIE Site! After a lot of begging and pleading VIE finally agreed to put a link on the bottom of our old discussion board! They are directing people here and to our myspace group! IdaB, Kerio, Walshie & Sptephernia are all in touch, I hope more join us! Walshie had her surgery and is doing great! does anyone know how Paige is doing? (the lady with the triplets)?


Ida B - October 12

Hi Ladies. Is anyone still posting here? There is an MSN site also if you are interested. Look for Bicornuate Uterus Support & Info if you are interested. Last heard from Paige on 10/2 "ultrasound went so well the other day... we are expecting a little girl and two identical little boy" so it sounds like things are good with her. She is on MSN one. Please let me know what you think of this: As for people all over on three different places, my husband suggested that I host my own message board so that we can set our own rules and we never have to worry about it closing down or what we can and cannot say. I hesitate to do this because people are still everywhere, and I'm not sure if people will want to join ANOTHER group since we seem to have dissipated. I'd like to hear some feedback on this. It's relatively inexpensive ($40 a year), and I could probably hook it to some Google ads to pay for it. I am willing if there is interest, but if not, I won't bother. Take care everyone! Ida B


Julieama - October 14

IdaB, I will support you in your message board. Just say when and where. thanks


ELA_Bahamas - October 15

Ida B, I am a newbie from the old board. I keep checking both sites mentioned on the VIE board, but I don't see much action on either. I would love for us to reconnect in one place. I really enjoyed the encouragement and info I got from the site. I've had to go through my first cycle of clomid 'alone' and would have loved everyones support. If you start an ACTIVE site let me know - then I'll promise to post more and not just read :-) I'll keep checking here to find out whats happening. Thank you, As always baby dust...


Aphrodite - November 9

Hello Ladies it's Aphrodite I \from the vie forum that got shut down...i was having a little difficulty with this site but i think i am logged in now yippeeee....so how is everyone?...who is on here from the vie forum?....For ladies that don't know me I have a heart shaped uterus and have had a blighted ovum may 2007 and I had the HSG test done no kids and i am not ttc just yet a couple more months really can't wait =)....I also have a question my friends husband has a low sperm count so my friend is taking all tests (being a guinea pig) my question is they couldnt give her the HSG because she is allergic to shell fish so they want to do the loposcopy (i think something like that) My question is wouldnt the MRI show you id something is wrong with fallopian tubes? Or any other test so she wont have to go through loposcopy?...thanks....Julieama thanks for all your support even though you dont have what some of us do thanks for being there =)...take care ladies hope to hear from some of you soon...anyone heard from kerio?...I also want to say thanks to IdaB for finding some info on Paige i was really concerned but so Happy to hear all are doing well _Aphrodite


CelesteW - November 20

Hi ladies! I posted a few times on the VIE site...I just wanted to say hello. I too have a bicornuate uterus. We are not TTC yet, but will likely start in early 2008. I've been following your stories, and I'm glad to have found another forum...I hope everyone is doing great and has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


ELA_Bahamas - November 28

HI eyeryone. Just thought I would check in to say that I am starting my second round of Clomid tomorrow. If everything goes perfectly I'll get a BFP by Chrsitmas which I'm sure my entire family will think is the best Chrsitmas gift of all. Just to remind you I have PCOS & BU so I will have trouble getting and STAYING pregnant - but I believe in Santa Claus - and oods, we have been TTC for 10 months! I wish more people posted here on a regular basis. If anybody knows where the girls from the old site are hangninng out please post here and let me know. As always baby dust.... ELA Bahamas


heartshaped - November 28

Hii.. Iam new to this forum.. I Had 2 m/c ( 12 weeks and 8 weeks)....My doctor diagnoised me with heat-shaped uterus ...and said it requires Surgery...I read in the forums that its risky to go in to surgery ,,, Please advice .... Iam really tensed and stressed out...


Minimag - December 13

Hi ladies, I posted on the VIE board and found this board today so thought I'd say hi. I'm 35 years old and I’m from the UK. I have no living Children. I have suffered Recurrent Miscarriages which all seem to happen at 6.5 weeks. I've had the RMC bloods tests taken and still waiting for the results. Earlier this week I went for an internal scan to view my uterus I was told by the Sonographer that I definitely have a 'Bicornuate Uterus' not a full septum. He wouldn't say any more on the matter and said that I would have to speak with my Consultant whom I have an appointment with on Christmas Eve. I don't feel very positive at the moment and feel that it's all going to be doom and gloom at my appointment. It’s been a long 4-month wait since my last MM/C. If you open any more boards/rooms please add me to join I really need to be in contact with ladies with the same condition as myself.



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