Vacuum D C With Local Anastesia Or Natural Misacarriage

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Mariana - July 28

Please tell me if you had D&C done. Is it painful? Shall I prefer it or wait for natural miscarriage? My doctor told me that the choice is mine, but also that the vacuum procedure is not done with full anastesaia and it is painful. Please let me know if someone had this done - how was it?


BJ - July 25

I just had one a few days ago after learning that I misscarried two weeks ago. My body hadn't started pa__sing it, and emotionally, I just couldn't stand to wait for it to take place naturally - my doc said it could take up to a couple of months. I, too, was nervous about the D&C - and it wound up being not at all painful (physically, anyway - emotionally I'm still hurting). Make sure your doctor gives you some sort of sedatives - or better yet a mild anesthesia call "twilight anesthesia." They gave me what is called "twilight" anesthesia - while it is not "general" anethsesia it DOES put you out - you aren't aware of what's going on and don't feel anything. It's just not as severe as general anesthesia. They gave me an IV, then put in a sedative about 5 min. before surgery - in the op. room I got the stuff that makes you sleep. I was woken about 15 minutes later - it was over and all was well. I was released about an hour later. I had some cramping that evening which I releived with a big dose of Motrin (800 mg.) I've just had to take it easy for the past few days and I'm bleeding as if a normal period - no more cramping. My doc says this will go on for a week or two. Physically, this is really no big deal at all, if you're given the proper sedatives. I don't know why a doctor would do this without giving you a good dose of something. Demand the twilight anesthesia - it will make it really easy. Good luck.


Mariana - July 26

Dear BJ, Thank you so much for your reply! It is so nice to hear from someone who can tell me for experience. I am sorry for your lost. Hope soon you can be pregnant again and we both can be mothers in the near future.


Anon - July 26

That is so wierd, When I had my D&C done they put me to sleep. I Went to the hospital earlier that day because I was having a miscarriage... The physical pain from that almost made me want die. But after I was done pa__sing the baby...which still hurts emotionally today. ( it was 2 years ago) They wanted to go in and do the D&C to make sure i didnt get an infection from anything left in there. So no I didnt feel any pain because they knocked me out. Even after I woke up they told me to get up and walk around. I didnt feel anything.


Beth - July 28

Hello. I had a miscarriage last Fall. I remember I woke that morning and noticed that I had started bleeding heavily. I went to the doctor, and I was bleeding so much they said I needed a D & C, or else I would bleed to death. Before that day I had never had any kind of surgery (other than a couple of st_tches), so I was incredibly frightened. They ended up giving me anestesia, did the surgery, and I couldn't feel a thing. There was really no physical pain at all. The procedure only took a couple of hours. I was later sent home and told to lay down for the rest of the day, and stay home and take it easy the next day. Like I said, there was no physical pain, just emotional. If you do decide to do the D & C, please make sure you rest following the procedure. You don't want to do anything to risk getting pregnant again. By the way, I am not 14 weeks pregnant. So things will look up, I promise. God Bless!


Beth - July 28

O.K. I meant to say that I am now 14 weeks pregnant. Sorry about that.



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