Vanishing Twin

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spoonfulofsugar - March 30

Hello Everyone. I found out I was pregnant and had a sonogram at 8 wks, during the exam the doctor noticed a 2nd sac but no embryo...he referred to this as the vanishing twin. I am now 15 weeks and doing fine. The baby is doing well and we heard the heartbeat last week. My question is has anyone heard of "The vanishing Twin" and what are the chances I could still be pregnant with twins and he just couldn't see it.


Rhiannon - March 31

Vanishing Twin syndrome is very common. I read somewhere that it happens to up to 60% of all multiple pregnancies that are diagnosed early. Have you had another ultrasound since then? That is the only way to tell. Good luck.


bjramon - April 1

this happened to me 15 years ago,i went on to have a normal pregnancy and a very healthy boy, chances are if he seen a 2nd sac with nothing in it it was a vanished twin


VijiKishore - April 1

I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks, at that time they could clearly see one of the sacs but the other one was unclear.. so the nurse told us that it was a vanishing twin or just a blood vessel. And to our surprise after 2 weeks we went for another ultrasound.. we saw two sacs and heard both of their heartbeats.


spoonfulofsugar - April 4

That is another thing that concerns me, they did my ultrasound at 8 wks. I am 16 weeks now and they have not scheduled another ultrasound yet, even though they said I experienced the Vanishing Twin. I have heard my babies heartbeat and as far as I know they have only found one heartbeat. I hope I'll get another ultrasound.


Jamie - April 5

Ask for another ultrasound, becasue you're at the point in your pregnancy where they can determine gender. You'll probably get one between 18 and 24 weeks, but make sure to ask.


spoonfulofsugar - April 5

I go to the doctor and the 28th and according to my calender I'll be 19 weeks. So I'll ask my doctor for another ultrasound then.



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