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Carmen - August 19

Hi ( if you read this all thank you for doing that because I have so many questions and I need them answered) My partner and I decided that we both wanted to have a child, but we haven’t been able to because I have been on the Depo shot. I was stopping in August sometime, so my partner and I decided to start trying a little before August, because at that time I didn’t know that it could take up to 6 months or more to get your period. The thing is I got my period on August 4th right around the time the shot was supposed to end. It was short it, lasted till August 8th. We had been trying since before my period and we did it during and afterwards. I don’t know if you can get pregnant even if you got your period after the Depo shot just ended, can you? Anyway, on August 14th I felt different then usual, so I decided to go take a HPT even if it was still way to early and when I took it the lightest line showed up (it was a fact plus) but it was so light, I thought I was making my self see it because I wanted to see it, but it was there. Then later on I took another and it was negative (same kind of test). Few days later, August 16th I took another ( ept test) and a line that was a little dark then the 1st one I took, showed up but it was still very light. Then I took another the next day and it was negative. I took a couple more the next day and they were all negative. The thing is I spotted on August 16th, which I though was weird because it was way to soon and then I did the next day too, and then next, it’s not a lot and its not even a bright red its like brownish colored. I was worried so I went to the doctors and they took a test and it came out negative and they said not worry but to come back in 2 weeks for another one. The thing is I’ve been feeling light headed, noxious, dizzy, my eating habits have change a lot, like sometimes after I ate something I felt like going in the bathroom and throwing it up because it made me noxious and I dint even over due my eating. I’ve been going pee a lot, and I have cramps in my lower abdomen. I really want to have a baby, when I was younger I got pregnant with my same partner, but my mom drove me crazy bout not having one and I know she can’t force me to have one but I was very young she made it so hard for me to be like “this what I want to do”, and I ended up having an abortion and I regret doing it every day because I wanted it so badly and I get sad all the time when I see my friends with babies because I could have had one to and I cry a lot about it. I’m just confused… I pregnant because I feel like it? If not am I ever going to be able to have one? Even if I’m bleeding a little can I still get pregnant since it’s not my period? So please can you help me out!?



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