Weekly Hydroxyprogesterone Shots To Prevent Preterm Labor Bi

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cayingo - October 12

I am looking for someone who has taken weekly hydroxyprogesterone shots to prevent preterm labor to share your experiences of this type of therapy. What were your circ_mstances? How did your pg end up? Were there any side effects?


scmommie - October 26

I am 30 weeks along with my 3rd child. both children before were preemie due to abnormal uterus shape(3lbs 9oz, 1lb 6oz) both are happy and healthy! back then they did not have this therapy...what a difference!!!! I have been getting the shot every week since week 15 and I cant begin to tell you how happy I am with it! No side effects really...sometimes my hip area itches a bit but hey, my whole midsection is itchy! If anything the peace of mind knowing that my baby girl has a terrific chance of going at least 36 weeks is awesome! I am so grateful for my doctor starting this treatment! I have ultrasounds every 2 weeks through out entire pregnancy and thing could not be better!


cayingo - October 30

I am so glad to hear your good news, both that your first two are thriving and that you've already gotten to 30 weeks. Sounds like the shots get your vote. I sincerly hope they work for me too. I need this baby to stay put as long as possible. I see my peri every month to measure and check my cervix. So far so good. I asked about having the fetal fibronectin tests done later, and she said we could but since she measures me regularly there's not a real need to. Has your OB mentioned that test to you? I wish you continued success. :)


scmommie - October 31

This shot should greatly increase the odds of carrying your baby longer. As far as the fetal fibronectin test I have had one done already, the reason why is because about a month ago I started having some braxton hicks that were painful at times, and due to my history they put me on medication that immediately stopped the contractions (terbutiline) and performed the test. The way the doctor explained it to me is that the test indicates whether or not you will deliver within the next two weeks...they do not perfom the test unless there are complications like the contractions, etc. Mine was neg. of course, they check cervix length every two weeks and again thanks to the shot my cervix has stayed where it's supposed to. I'll be praying for you and yours....



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