Were To Start I Have A Ton Of Question

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Tink07 - February 13

I am 34 weeks pregnant and have been on bedrest for the past two weeks (isn't bed rest fun.....not really....) for high blood pressure, and low fluid. I also have gestational diabetes. At one of my last visits my doc told me she was going to induce me at 36 weeks and had to get two shots of steroids to help my little boys lungs grow faster. I have been taking glyburide for my blood sugar and it was working until I got put on bed rest, but now that I am getting no physical actvity I can't keep my blood sugar down and I am afraid she will tell me I am going to have to start giving myself insuline shots (not sure if I can do that) I only have the rest of this week and next week before I go in on Sunday the 25th to be induced. Any thoughts?


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

I know its hard but my MIL had to give herself shots for her GD and she said you get used to it. Also the steroids really help wiht lung developement I had 2 shots too within 24 hours apart when my daughter tried to come at 29-30 weeks. I know its hard but just do whats in the best interest of the baby, thats what i think every time the give me a catheter for my csections. good luck and take care


Tink07 - February 14

My doc told me that since my blood pressure and fluids have been ok that I could get out of bed 3 timess a day for 10 minutes and ride my stationary bike as long as I go very slow and see if that helps the sugar levels. I have done it 2 times today so far and my levels have been normal all day!!! Hope that she will let me continue to do that, I see her again this Friday. I can't belive I only have 11 more days before my little guy will be here. He wasn't supposed to be born until March 25th. They measured him at my bio physical yesterday and said that he weighs about 4lbs 10oz.. I figured that with the GD he would end up big, but the doc says because of the preeclamsia he it is making him small. At least he will be bigger than most primees!



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