What Are The Chances A Amnio Is Wrong

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ashley j - June 11

I am 21 and 21 weeks pregnant and had a amnio two weeks ago. I got the results back and it said my baby has down syndrome.One of my friends told me that her results came out the same, but her son has nothing wrong.


Casey - June 11

I am not sure of the exact ratio of wron Aminios but I do know it has happend alot to my friends. I am wondering why you had an amnio so young though did your doc think it needed to be done?


ashley j - June 12

my afp came back really low, so they sent me to a specialist, it said the baby had downs and ended up not having it or what?


Audrea - June 13

If I were you, that is a question that really needs to be discussed with your doctor. Unless someone on here is a doctor, you will not be able to get the best advice and expertise you need. Sure, there will be some that say they were told their baby had down's and are okay, but you will not hear how many actually got a positive and the baby indeed have down's. You can get a percentile from your doctor's office. Just give them a call and that should be something they can tell you over the phone.Good luck with that.


monica - June 13

I also have a friend that the amnio came back positive for downs and the baby was born healthy with no downs. I really belive in the power of prayer so for me no nothing is 100% unless God has made the final decision.


jenn - June 14

well afp tests can be very, very wrong. but if you had an amnio and it confirmed down syndrom then prepare yourself for a baby with that disorder. they test the chromosomes in an amnio and they are completely accurate. so if the amnio results were positive then im afraid that its true.


melissa - June 17

my friend had the same thing, the problem with the test is that there is a high percentage chance of false results with positive. ask for another different test there is one avialable after those kinds of results. this is one that is more accurate. her baby was fine and healthy. no down syndrome.


Tami - June 17

I think some of these women are thinking of the first test they do where they test your blood-that is the test with the high false positive rate. An amnio has a 99% accuracy rate and can be pretty much counted on becuase they actually test the chromosomes in the cells in the amniotic fluid. If there is an extra gene on the chromosome # 21 then it is trisomy 21 which is downs. I have never heard of an amnio being wrong becuase it is where they actually test the genes. You can try a different doctor and repeat the procedure and see what they come up with-who knows maybe the geneticist made a mistake, but I doubt it! Don't abort though because down's syndrome babies are wonderful and fun and so full of love. I know it will be hard, but worth it. I have a little brother with down's syndrome and he is the best little brother anyone could ever have despite his health problems.



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