What Could Happen With Hydronephrosis

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cherryzz08 - August 25

I was told at a ultrasound when I was 20 weeks that there was too much fluid in my little girls kidneys. They sent me to a Level 2 ultrasound 2 weeks later, and they confirmed that she had Hydronephrosis. They are not exactly sure to what extent it is effecting her, and they wont know until she comes out. I just had another Level 2 ultrasound last week and they said the right kidney looks a lot better, but the left one got a bit worse. But She isn't in any pain. Every other test we had came back normal, she has no birth defects or down syndrome. But What I want to know, would the have me deliver early because of this? Or could anything else occur? I just need to know what to expect. Im 33 weeks now. And this is my first pregnancy.


K - August 29

Have they told you whether they consider it mild, moderate, or severe? It is not horribly uncommon and mild usually corrects itself. They probably won't have you deliver early unless it is severe. If it is severe and it looks like there is a dangerous situation, the doctors could decide to have you deliver early, or they can do a surgical procedure on the baby while you are still pregnant which I think is sort of like an amnio where they try to correct the problem. Since you are already 33 weeks, I am guessing that they probably would be more likely to just have you deliver early if they think there is any risk to the baby from her condition. If your little girl has no other problems and it is severe enough that they have to correct it by surgery, I believe there is a 90-95% success rate. If you do a web search for Children's Hospital Boston and the condition, or the National Kidney Foundation and the condition; or Dr. Greene and the condition, they all have information on the condition. Dr. Greene says 93% of cases resolve completely on their own. It sounds promising that on of the kidneys already looks alot better. Hang in there. I know this must be very scary for you. I wish you and your little girl the best.


cherryzz08 - September 2

They were considering it moderate at my last US. But i have another one next week. So we will see.


K - September 12

Hi Cherry. I just thought I would check in and see how things went this week. How is your little girl doing?



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