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confused1 - October 26

i had a tubal almost 8 months ago.....i have been pregnant four times to term and one m/c.....so i know what it feels like.....i always just had a feeling...........and was right every time............anyway, i have been growing in the belly since the summer. i thought i was pregnant and took tests in august. a faint line appeared, but i shrugged it off. well now i am still growing and gaining weight and i got another hpt showing faint pos. i went to dr for blood test and came back "-". i let it go, my period came day 34 ((was never that late b4)) so i figured all is good. BTW, my period was regular as well. well i just cant shake the feeling that i am pregnant. idk if i am going nuts here or what. could i be pregnant and have had a neg blood test??? could it have something to do with my tubal ligation?? if any of u had anything similar to this please let me know. i dont have insurance, and i cant afford to go in. on the other hand the dr thinks i may have a cyst. i have discomfort on my right side. nothing horrible, but i feel this heaviness on the side. sometimes tingly down my right leg also. i dont know what to do.....can any of u give me some advise if you or anyone u know have had anything like this??? thank you all. i appreciate any responses. could i be pregnant??? or could it just be a cyst. also ovarian cancer runs in my family, so that is scaring me too.......?? THANKS AGAIN!!


Dawn - October 26

Please see an O.B.!!! Even if you do not have insurance, maybe the county can help you. It is worth it for your life, and for your present children for you to get some help. If you went to the doctor for blood work there is a chance it was too early to detect the pregnancy hormone (HCG 20 or less), but now they would be able to see by ultrasound what the problem is that is causing you this. Your health, speaking from a mom of 7, is so important for your children and should not be risking for any $ in the world. Your children need you, and you need to take special care of yourself to see why this is happening to you!! I pray for you, and hope you will figure out the right thing to do. In the meantime, contact O.B. offices, and the county hospital to see if there is discounts, or free testing they can provide you with, or they may be able to tell you where to go to help too! Take care of yourself!!!



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