What Does It Mean If Your Bleading And Your Cervix Is Closed

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DarleneR - April 14

I am 5 weeks pregnet and i started bleeding and i started freaking out so i went to see my doctor and he said my cervix was closed so i just need to get some rest. but all i can think about is if i miscarried or if i am still pregnet...


DownbutnotOUT - April 14

it is very common for alot of women to experience bleeding in the 1st tri and even in the 2nd tri (not as common as the 1st tri though). If your bleeding gets heavy, you start pa__sing clots, cramping, and back pain than I would definatly get a u/s done or HCG blood test done. If you are still concerned about the bleeding it never hurts to get a 2nd opinion???


Italianhuney - April 20

I had a lot of bleeding at 11 weeks and my cervix was closed, i think my body was just gettin strained all i needed was rest. I'm sure you will be fine, good luck !


angeleyes2006 - April 21

Your cervix will open up slightly or all when u miscarry


jessica72 - April 22

Basically I had the same thing happen to me. Started spotting around 5 weeks and it went on and off till about week 8. The doctor told me my cervix was closed and we did see a heartbeat at week 8, so he chalked it up to either implantation bleeding which can sometimes stretch into week 8 or so or just shedding of old lining. Many people spot as Down said and go on to have healthy pregnancies. I am now at 38 weeks and awaiting my little girl who has done wonderfully so far. Hugs and Luck!


toni88hill - June 5

Hi im 11 weeks preganat and on tuesday 2ed june 2015 i had a very heavy bleed and cramps i went to the hospital thay took bloods and cheaked my cervix witch was closed thay have booked me a scan for monday 8th as thats the only time thay can fit me in the bleeding stopped the next day but still haveing some cramps on my lower belly any advice please x



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