What Should I Do No Yolk Sac Or Fetal Pole At 9 Weeks

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Nicole - May 11



Pennie - May 11

Hi, I'm praying for the best for you. My first day of my last period was- 2-25-05. That would put me this Friday at- 11 weeks. Well on 4-18-05 I had an ultrasound done at a perinatal clinic and that ultrasound showed me to only be 5 weeks. I ovulated 2 weeks later then most women- so I am behind what a normal pregnancy time line would be. So you may be too. When you went into the ER did they just do the ultra sound over your belly, or did they do transv____al- that is very important?!


nicole - May 12

Yes they did an intrav____al. Same thing I'm having more blood drawn friday. Thank u so much for keeping me in ur pprayers


Pennie - May 12

I hope your blood test come back good. Are they going to do another US soon? Keep us updated on you and your baby. Keep hoping and praying for the best!


nicole - May 12

Well pennie I'm scheduled for the u.s in 10 days. Wow that seems like forever. No spotting today but period like cramps in my lower back, that can't be good. Is that normal? But I am staying in prayer. But I understand god has a reason and a purpose for everything. Thank u


Holly - June 1

I went in for a u/s yesterday and they said that there was the fetus and the heart started beating about 1hour or so before I went in for it and they said that they don't see a yolk sac. And they said that I'm only 6 weeks when my doctor said that I'm 7 weeks. I'm very scared and don't know what to do.


ELLEN - June 10



alison - June 15

i am pregant i have four children i am 39 i went for a scan and i am 5 weeks pregant and there is no fetual pole why please help me


amanda - June 22

hi nicole i have been to have a u.s today and it shown no yolk in my sac either i am having to have a d and c tomorrow.this would of been my second child im so gutted about this hope everything goes ok for you.



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