While Having Sex

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purnimajune2 - January 24

i want to get pregnant but i feel that while intercourse with my hubby whole sperms comes out.from my vegina when i move little bit.so can any body give me answer what is the perfect position and how should i control the flow not to go out from my vegina.plz give me answer quickly plz.


jessica72 - January 24

When a man comes, the sperm go out with such a force that some will get caught up in the cervical mucus and make their way in. That's why so many babies conceived in the 70s were withdrawal babies. Anyway, with that said, if you want to make sure those little guys stay in there long enough to have a better chance, after s_x, prop your b___t on a pillow and just lay still for a few minutes. I've heard some women put their legs up, but I think with the pillow that should be good and squeeze those kegel muscles. The best advice? Enjoy and don't think about it and Bam...preggosville!


Duffchick - January 26

OMG, I tried to get pregnant for a year and you should have seen all the positions I would get in and my husband would just laugh at me. I would have my legs straight up in the air for ten minutes at a time. After a year of not getting pregnant I ended up having a procedure done to see if I had any blockage in my tubes. They shot dye into my tubes during and x-ray and and after my next period I got pregnant with no postions needed. It' s amazing. Those little guys really do get shot up there to do their job. Good luck!


rl- - January 26

yeah I would say just lay still for awhile after intercourse even though I have heard you can stand right up and do jumping jacks and still get prego...LOL!!


Tammy276 - January 28

what is coming out is the liquid in which the sperm is carried...believe it or not, when a man ejaculates in you, your body starts to contract to move the sperm where it needs to go.....the sperm and only the sperm....so even though you may have juices coming out of you yet, the little spermies are still making their way to where they need to go.



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