Will I See An Embryo Via Vag U S 7 1 2 Weeks In 2 Days

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gcmickens - February 20

Hi ladies - I am having a 3rd va___al ultrasound @ 7 1/2 weeks since LMP or 5 1/2 to 6 weeks since conception.... last u/s @ 6 1/2 weeks showed 7 mm round gest. sac but no yolk or embryo - what are the chance I finally see the embryo this Wednesady 2/22???? I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nervous it's a blighted ovum - my doc told me I have a 50/50 chance for a healthy pregnancy - I had my hcg's taken and they were 8, 467 @ 6 1/2 weeks also - does anyone have knowledge about this stage in the game, or have had a similar experience with early ultrasounds (TOO EARLY???) Thanks SOOOOOOOOOO much for anyone's help - I am losing it with 2 more days to wait!


Sissy - February 20

Gcm-your HCG levels sound good,there should be an embroyo with a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks if your dates are correct, they saw a small fetal pole and got a heartbeat at 5w5d with this pregnancy but they had warned me ahead of time they might not find anything....will say a prayer for you.....


gcmickens - February 20

Thank-you Sissy - I know you're right about what I should see.... Just hoping he/she will be there! With you did they see a fetal pole at 5w5days since conception or since LMP? I'll come back and let you know what we saw... THANK-YOU for your prayers :-)


Sissy - February 21

that was since lmp,but the tech and Dr advised me that I might not see anything before the even started--if you see my U/S It really doesnt look like much, just a round sac. Here are the links to my U/S pics----http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c303/LUCINDA574/020806.jpg ----------http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c303/LUCINDA574/01-13-2006102155PM.jpg-----the second is my first U/S--Good luck hun!


Sissy - February 21

take out the extra dashes......on the second pic the dashes need to saty between the 01-13-2006


gcmickens - February 21

Txs Sissy - we also saw a sac (I dunno if there was a yolk there too) last week @ 6w,4d so if there isn't much more tomorrow, I'll give it one more week until 8w,4d if my doc says it's worth waiting a little longer... just 29 hours left before I know what's going on - argh!!!


... - February 23

at 7 wks 7 days from lmp, we were able to see a baby, even saw the arm/leg buds. Hope you saw something at your u/s, maybe your dates were just off, that can happen sometimes! Good luck.


pjn - February 23

We didn't see squat at 7 weeks... It wasn't until 8w 2d we say the fetal pole.. Remember it also depends on where little one is hanging out and if your uterus is tilted, it can make a difference.


Chas - March 21

Gigi, Did you find out what was going on?? How are you? Is your baby okay?



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