Will Progesterone Cream Otc Help Avoid Miscarriage

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Bree - May 27

I have pcos. My Dr. doesn't feel I need progesterone, although I'm still spotting on and off. Will using the over the counter progesterone cream help? Will it hurt the baby if I use it? I'm thinking about it for my peace of mind. ???


Bree - May 29



mj - May 31

I was wondering the same thing. My dr. doesn't seem to think I should be pregnant since I'm 44, but since it's my choice I want to try to have a baby. I've had 4 m/c in 2 years, and I'm sure it's just low progesterone. I've done research and you definitely don't want synthetic progesterone, as it is harmful. But natural is beneficial because if your body doesn't have high enough levels, then the baby doesn't adhere to the uterus. After ( I think 18 wks), your uterus produces what you need to sustain the pregnancy. I just wonder how much is enough progesterone. Maybe we both need to get a new doctor!!!


Bree - June 1

MJ, maybe you're right! Through all my research, I think the spotting is from low progesterone and I definitely think it may end in miscarriage. I'm 36 and this pregnancy was not planned, but it's so scary to think of losing it if it could have been prevented. I have an obligation to my little "peanut" to keep him/her healthy! Good luck to ya.


Melissa - June 3

I am not a Doctor so I don't know all the aspects of Progesterone cream, but I have talked to health food pract_tioners and I don't think over the counter progesterone cream will prevent miscarriage. On most pg cream containers it recommends you not use during pregnancy. You would have to know why you were miscarrying or had miscarried in the first place. If you miscarried because you couldn't produce progesterone than your doctor may be able to help with that but you would have to determine that first. If you've miscarried because of chromosonal problems in the fetus (which is what happens in most cases) than there isn't anything you can do to prevent that from happening. In most cases miscarriages happen early and there isn't much a doctor can do to prevent them. It's hard to go through I know, but unfortunately it's a risk that is there in pregnancy. Good Luck. Lis Lis.


ttcinNJ - June 13

Hi everyone, Actually after doing some research myself and from speaking with other women who have used and are currently using progesterone to sustain a pregnancy.. from what they say.. progesterone is totally safe to use during pregnancy.. actually that's what it's for.. and most doctors prescribe such things as progesterone suppositories and progesterone tablets (Prometrium) in order to Sustain a pregnancy and to avoid miscarriage, so there's no harm in using the cream, suppositories, pessaries or the tablets.. I would however consult your doctor first as always and if they're not receptive to the progesterone idea then move onto another doctor. One woman on this site had 12 m/c then starting using progesterone and had 4 healthy children and God willing we most of us can go onto have successful pregnancies. Bye for now.


mj - June 16

Just came back to this site and wondering how you are doing Bree? Did you get the progesterone? I hope and pray all is well with your baby:)


Bryn - June 17

If you are going to use prog. cream to help sustain your prog. levels in pregnancy, you need to use about 80-100mg instead of just the dosage recommended on the bottle (which is about 4-6x the amt you'd use in a regular, non-pg. cycle.


Bree - June 17

Hi mj. No, I didn't use it and yes, I'm still preggo. Just started my second trimester today, in fact! I quit spotting, for about 3 weeks, then spotted a little for 2 days earlier this week, so it does worry me a little. I have pcos and low progesterone goes along with that. I didn't really think I could get pregnant so easily. But the Dr. thinks I'm okay. I didn't ask what my levels were, though. I'm just drained all the time lately and miserable. How are you doing???



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