Wondering What Toxcima Is

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terri - December 12

h__lo..went to the hospital tonight cause my legs, ankles, and feet are swollen soooo BAD!! can't see my ankle bone nor my knee caps really and was told to watch for headaches or pain in my chest and if i have any of these symptoms than to go right back to hospital..just wondering a couple of things about toxcima..1) what causes it? 2) what are the effects? 3) isnt there a test that can be can to detect this? and lastly 4) any information that i can use would be great considering i cant find anything on the web relating to toxcima, just links that say had toxcima baby born to emergency c-section. please if anyone knows anything about this..please reply!! thanks in advance.


Jbear - December 15

I don't know if you're still wondering, but it's more commonly called pre-eclampsia. There's no specific cause. There are some things that make it more likely to happen to you, like if it runs in your family or if you are overweight, but it can happen to anyone. Your doctor is probably testing your urine for protein at every office visit. Protein in your urine is a sign of pre-eclampsia. Usually your blood pressure will be a little high when you have it, like 140/90 or higher. The bottom number is the one they worry most about. The reason you're supposed to watch for headaches, seeing spots, upper abdominal pain, and sudden weight gain (5 or 10 lbs overnight) is that pre-eclampsia can progress to eclampsia, with seizures, coma or possibly death...but that is very, very rare as long as you're recieving prenatal care. Your doctor might tell you to do kick counts, or have you go for nonstress tests. If the pre-eclampsia seems to be worsening, they'll either put you on medication, bedrest, in the hospital, or deliver the baby if you're very close to full-term. To help the swelling, try drinking 8 gla__ses of water or more a day, and spend as much time as possible lying down on your left side. I had pre-eclampsia with both of my pregnancies and my kids and I are all fine.


terri - December 15

thank you soo much Jbear..the information was very useful. you explained everything very well. i was still wondering what it was and everything a__socaited with it and you sure enlighted things for me. thanks again.



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