Worried About Heart Rate

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Laura - October 27

After 5 years of trying to conceive...we finally did. my last period was September 9, 2005. Ultra Sound today states I am 7 weeks 3 days, my calculation in 7 weeks. We were so happy when she said the baby was the right size, but then she told us the baby's heart rate is only 126 beats per minute. She did state it was not super low but in the low range. I am waiting to hear from the Doctor, shaking as I write this. How concerned should I be???


Laura - October 28



My answer - October 28

126 is not nearly as low as some of the other postings I have read here. They were talking about rates in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Your Dr. may have been being overly careful when she gave you cause to worry. Ask about going back in within the next couple of weeks for a re-check... odds are it will be up in the "normal" range by then.


Laura - October 28

When they measure the heartrate on the ultrasound, sometimes it comes out too low or too high because the baby is moving around or from you breathing. They are suppose to measure the heartrate a few times to try to get a good reading on it. I would not worry about the baby's heartrate at 126, as long as it is over 120. Good Luck and God Bless!!


Kate - October 28

My baby's heart rate has varied from the 160's to the 120's before. My doctor said it had to do with when he was sleeping or had just eaten. As long as it stays between 120-180 you are in good shape. I panicked also when my baby's heart rate was only in the 120's one day but my doctor a__sured me it was fine. The next week it was back in the 150's where is usually is. Good luck with your pregnancy!


laura - October 28

Thank you so very much. I spoke with the Dr again today and she said the heart rate is in the normal low range but she likes to see it higher. Sheis a high risk Ob so maybe thats why she is more concerned.



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