Worried After Miscarriage

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Lindsey - December 24

I know this quetion is slightly depressing, but i suffered a miscarriage in August, the baby died at 5 weeks and i suffered from heavy bleeding but did not need a d&c. Anyway i'm pregnant again after 1 cycle and i'm now 16 weeks, but i can still not relax, i should be enjoying this pregnancy as i keep bein told that i will now go full term and by June i will have a baby in my arms. I am constantly surfing the net looking for anyone that has suffered complications after the 12th week when "apparently" you are in the safe period. I've had 2 ultrasounds and have seen my baby which looks perfectly formed and has a strong heartbeat. Does anyone have any suggestions. Sorry for being so down hearted!!


Jaime - December 24

Lindsey-I understand what you are going thru.I lost my 2nd child at 8 weeks 4 years ago.I am now 28 weeks,and the first months felt so long.Everyday I watched for the same signs of miscarriage I had the last time.I would wake up and think to myself I made it thru another day.And the farther along I got the more I thought to myself, if I lost the baby now it would be harder than in the first couple of months.The only thing I can tell you is this-Take everyday one step at a time.You will make it thru this.Just have faith,and you and your baby will be fine.I'm sure that the first miscarriage was only because there was something wrong and was for the best.You are now 16 weeks and are out of the woods.If something was going to happen it would have happened a month ago.I understand what you are feeling,like I said I'm 28 weeks and still panic on a daily basis.Please try to relax and enjoy the next months.If you need to talk just let me know,I'm now on bed rest intil 36 weeks and sit on the computer for most part of the day.


jenw - December 25

I just suffered a miscarriage today. Is there anything you did differently for conception after your miscarriage? I know that the cause is unknown but any dietary or other things you think may have caused it? I was eating healthy & doing light exercise. I just want to know if there is something I should do differently when I try again.


Jbear - December 25

Jenw, I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you were doing everything right. There's nothing you could have done to cause or prevent your miscarriage. I had two miscarriages and afterwards I was going over every little detail in my mind, everything I ate, how much sleep I got, what vitamins I took or didn't take, if I carried too many groceries at one time. It can make you a little crazy if you think about it enough. A miscarriage is not your fault. It doesn't mean you did anything wrong or have anything wrong with your body. You will go on to have healthy children.


Lindsey - December 25

Thanks for your advice Jaime. Jenw - i didn't do anything different, i just tried to accept that it wasn't anything i did or didn't do. Fingers crossed that you will be sucessful on your next pregnancy


My answer - December 26

I went through a mc at 14 weeks with my first pregnancy. I had a bladder infection that my Dr. treated with antibiotics (I'd had several and didn't go into the Dr. - I just called him and he gave me the "standard" treatment at the pharmacy). 3 days later I found out I was pregnant and called the Dr. This time, I did go in and pee in a cup. The culture came back negative, so he took me off the antibiotics. This lead to a horrible kidney infection (apparently, the 3 days of antibiotics cleared the bacteria up enough to not show on the lab test). Everything went down hill from there. When I lost him, lots of people "rea__sured" me that there was probably something wrong with him and it was best this way... I wouldn't have to raise a baby with health problems. That was horrible to hear and did not help. I got pregnant again within two months and cried when the Dr. heard the heart beat with the doppler. 2 days after that, I felt the familiar "bladder infection" feeling and paniced! My poor Dr. will never understand why I went to the ER for just a bladder infection, but I was completely freaked out and didn't want to go through the same thing again. I only really relaxed with my pregnancy until I pa__sed the 26 week mark... at least she was "viable" then and wouldn't be a mc. Suffering a loss takes away your security for you next pregnancy.


rl - December 26

I think for those of us that have gone thru a mc it is always there with you no matter what I had one around 7 to 8wks and then got pregnant again several months later I still checked every time I went to the bathroom for blood I was just so scared I am now 34wks and everything is going fine but I still get a little freaked it is normal until the baby is born this is my 3rd baby I had the first two no problems then a mc seemed right out of the blue I was in shock but it happens and more often then you think I found out lots of women that I had known had gone thru mc and I had no idea just hang in there and everything will be ok good luck


Jaime - December 26

Lindsey-Just checking in to see how you are feeling.Hope all is well!!!Happy New year,and hang in there!!


Crystal - December 27

MY ANSWER: Can a bladder infection cause M/C b/c when I went to the ER cause of bleeding they said I also had a bladder infection, so just wondering?



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