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mom2be4 - October 8

Hi! I am currently 1mth and 3w pregnant. I had no idea I was pregnant until I went to my dr. because i had been bleeding since Aug 19th., which was the day my normal period should have started. I am still bleeding everyday, some days are heavy, some light and some not at all. I have pains every now and then but nothing to be real concerned about. I have had two positive pregnancy tests and have the symptoms of being pregnant (lightheaded, sore br___ts, nausea). I am so confused and worried, Can somebody please give me some advice?


lunes1 - October 10

I too am having the same symptoms. I am currently 5w6d pregnant and have been experincing light pink to brownish bleeding since around the same day as my regular period was to start. I am not having cramping, but am nauseated. I have had 3 positive pregnancy tests since, but am concerned because the bleeding continues. The bleeding is much lighter than my period would be and I only have to use a light pantyliner. I had similar symptoms with my first pregnancy and ended up having a molar pregnancy and having a d&c. I am trying to stay postive about this one and have an appointment with my doctor this week. I will keep you posted on what happens. Good luck to you.


joeysmom - October 10

Hello, I found I was pregnant at about 3 weeks and from about 4 weeks until about 10 weeks I had bleeding. At my first ultrasound they said I had a hematoma outside my uterus it was really small and nothing to worry about unless it got bigger and that's what was causing the bleeding. I am not 25 weeks and everything is looking good so far. So my point is, it could be anything. I wouldn't start worrying until you have an ultrasound and see what's going on. My friend also had her period for four months of her pregnancy and didn't even find out she was pregnant until she was 16 weeks b/c she was having her period.


AnxiouslyWaiting - October 10

I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks - when I started spotting. I spotted for about a month until it started to get a little heavier. I ended up having an in office D&C at 5 1/2 weeks. My sonogram never showed anything since it was too early. Have they checked your HCG levels? If they are rising, then everything should be okay. My HCGs were stagnat. Good luck to you!!!


mom2be4 - October 11

I am still waiting on my results on HCG levels, i am so anxious and worried that I will hear something terrible. I am going to the doctor soon to get an ultrasound done just so I can put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for your replies and advice. If anybody else has more advice or similar symptoms please let me know. By the way this is my fourth child and the first time something like this has happened. Could it be twins?


lunes1 - October 29

Just to update you on my own situation---I have had an ultrasound and everything is fine. I am currently 8w4d. I still have occasional spotting, which my doctor says is ok. She told me that some women spot through the first trimester and don't have any complications. I look forward to hearing how your situation is going. Let me know what happens.



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