Worry Worry And More Worry

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Rhea_Mom - May 21

Hello, I am 35 and expecting my 2nd (21st week now). I had had my double test in 16th week and it came high risk for Downs (1:220) but we denied amnio and chose to wait for the level II u/S. We had that today and was really shocked to know that the baby has a slightly bigger kidney (both of them of the same size- 5.3 cm as against an normal upper limit of 5 cm). This has led to increasing our risk even further and ultimately I have been booked for an amnio next week. As you can imagine this has again comepletely unnerved us to no limits. I was ready to overlook the blood test result, but having both the blood test and u/s result together I couldnt go ahead even a day without worrying the possibility of DS. I havent enjoyed a moment of happiness and peace since I got back my blood test result 4 weeks back. by the way no other problems were detected in u/s...baby was seen very active during the scan. Just wanted to know did any of you face the same situation and then what had been the outcome?


clindholm - May 21

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this stress and fear. Did they tell you if the Kidney size was a soft (low-risk)marker or hard marker? I tested for Trisomy 18 on my last pregnancy which was horrible. My daughter was born just perfect. From what I've read on these boards, there are quite alot of false positives even though these diagnostics just provide a risk rather than a definitive yes or no. We did not do the amnio b/c even though T18 is not compatible with life, we would not have terminated anyway and were not willing to take the risk of the amnio. Please if you have time, read through these boards and you will see many happy endings. If you need to talk, I'm here. Colleen


mousky - June 6

Hi Rhea_Mom im sorry to hear about your u/s, I hope everything goes well. Hi clindholm I just want to add that not all babies with T18 are incompatible with life. There has been cases of babies with full T18 living to teenage years, and the prognosis improves with translocating T18. Checkout trisomy18support.org, its great and has stories of those that lived. Good luck.


clindholm - June 6

Mouskey- Yes, I am aware of that and have been to that site when I had the T18 scare 2 years ago. The truth is, unfortunately the vast majority do not live very long if they do survive birth. It is a very sad thing.


blessedwith4 - June 6

Hi there. My 4th child was born in Jan 08. From the blood work alone I was told I had a 1/22 chaance of my dd having DS. We had the scan done and there were no additional markers. We declined the amnio and waited it out till delivery date. She DID NOT have ds. Perfectly healthy. It was a long wait however. Good luck, let us know how your amnio goes.


fin1hms - June 9

I had the amnio to check. It REALLY put my mind at ease. The preliminary test (for DS, Trisomy 13 & 18) comes back in 24 hours. The rest takes8-10 days. For me, the fear of the unknown was worth the small risk. My doctor has never had an amnio result in a loss. The amnio was more of a strange sensation, and not painful. I watched the monitor. The anesthesia needle was all I felt. Then mild cramping for a few days. Removing the stress and fear was key for me...



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